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How outdoor adventures can bring blended families closer together

Written by Fiona

February 11 2021

If you’re looking to bring your blended family closer together then embarking on an outdoor adventure may be exactly what you’re looking for. Find out why, here…

If you have recently formed a blended family, then you’ll appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult to find activities that are going to help bring everyone closer together. However, if you’re to live together as a family, then you’ll want to look for ways to strengthen your bond to one another. So, why not consider going out on an outdoor adventure?

Whether you’ve very recently started a relationship with your partner or you’re already in the process of adopting step-children, outdoor adventures can be hugely beneficial for all manner of families. To learn more about why this may be right for you and your blended family, read on.

9 ways an outdoor adventure can bring blended families closer together

Encourages Teamwork

Outdoor adventures can come in many different forms, but one thing usually remains consistent across the board: Teamwork. Whatever outdoor activity you decide to try with your family, you’ll need to work together at one point or another to achieve a specific goal.

For example, you could work together with your stepchildren to help set up a tent. This provides the perfect platform to help build up a stronger bond with the other members of your blended family.

Helps to Find Common Ground

Any newly formed blended family will need to find some sort of common ground so that they can live together harmoniously. Embarking on an outdoor adventure could be the perfect opportunity to find common ground that was previously difficult to find.

You have the opportunity to go through shared experiences, creating memories that you can all cherish equally. This forms the core of any familial relationships, blended or otherwise.

Opportunity to Teach (and Learn) New Skills

If you have recently started living with stepchildren, then the bonding process can often be tricky. This is especially true if their biological parent is still in the picture.

Teaching a child a new skill is an incredibly effective way of improving a parental bond and, fortunately, outdoor adventures provide countless opportunities to do exactly that.

Whether you teach your stepchild how to tie a knot or ease the pain of a stinging nettle rash, you’ll be on your way to strengthening your bond with them. Who knows – they might be able to teach you a thing or two themselves.

More Natural Bonding Method

This leads on to the fact that an outdoor adventure is a much more natural bonding method in itself. Sometimes, trying to bond with your blended family isn’t always possible, especially if it seems forced and in an artificial environment.

When you’re out enjoying what nature has to offer, however, conversations will naturally begin to flow. This will mean the tight-nit family you’re looking for will naturally begin to manifest itself. 

Few Distractions That Could Act as Barriers

It’s an unfortunate truth that there are distractions aplenty in modern life. You might be constantly distracted by the pressures of work and your children might be distracted by school and social media.

So, an outdoor adventure might be exactly what you and your family need. There are no distractions to worry about when you’re out enjoying nature; it’s just you and your family. Is there anything else you could possibly need?

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Negative emotions, like feelings of stress and anxiety, can often lead to increased tensions between family members. So, you’re going to want to take steps to reduce them wherever you can. This is especially true if you’re only just starting to form the foundations of your blended family.

Simply being in the outdoors can help to counteract this stress and anxiety, improving your general mood and promoting a better relationship with the others.

Builds Confidence in Children

Naturally, building a strong relationship is a two-way street – you can only do so much as a parent. That said, connecting with children can often prove to be a challenge when they are struggling with their confidence and self-esteem.

So, if you’ve noticed that your children are struggling with their confidence levels, then an outdoor activity can really help to bring them out of their shell and encourage a healthier relationship moving forwards.

Parents Get a Better Understanding of a Child’s Personality

If you’re new to a blended family, it can sometimes be difficult to truly gauge a child’s personality, particularly if they are naturally more reserved. 

Enjoying the outdoors can be the perfect remedy for this. You can get a much clearer idea about how they approach and respond to certain situations in a natural environment, without any external input.

Outdoor Adventures Can Restore Your Playful Self

As a responsible adult, you might find it difficult to find the child within. We all need to let loose and show our care-free side. So, what better way of doing so than to embrace to joys of the outdoors.

It can be of great benefit to share your more playful side to your new stepchildren as well. If you’re going to form a true bond, then you’ll want to demonstrate your true personality.

Are You Thinking of Taking Your Blended Family on an Outdoor Adventure?

So, that’s why an outdoor adventure is the perfect way to help bring your blended family closer together. Not only will it help strengthen your bond, but you’re bound to have a great time while you’re at it.

There’s an abundance of different adventures you can choose to explore with your family, so take a look and see what best suits your budget and desires.

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