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Review: Aftershokz OpenMove sports headphones

Written by Fiona

February 19 2021

The Aftershokz OpenMove headphones utilise bluetooth (wireless) and bone-conduction (so they are not in-ear). This means they can be used while running, cycling or walking. You can can safely hear other road users, as well as people, yet still tune into music or podcasts etc.

Features include:

  • Open-ear comfort
  • 6 hours of music+calls (10-day standby time)
  • IP55 sweat resistant
  • Weight: 29g
  • Approved by England Athletics to be used during running races
  • Duo noise-cancelling microphone eliminates ambient noise for a stable connection for phone and video calls
  • USB-C charging Port
  • £79.99. Sold on the AfterShokz website and also £79.95 through Amazon, where I receive a small commission for any sales.

My review: Aftershokz OpenMove sports headphones

These headphones actually arrived for testing at the perfect time. I was keen to try a running session podcast created by the head coach at my Glasgow Triathlon Club.

I confess I am not usually a fan of headphones while running. I prefer to listen to the world around me or chat with a friend. I do use headphones while regularly “walking and talking” to other people but these are over-the-ear. I do not like in-ear headphones much at all.

I was really interested to try the bone-conduction headphones.

To start with, you need to charge the headphones. This is easy via a USB charge cable (provided). Then you have to pair the headphones via Bluetooth with your chosen gadget. I used my iPhone.

The headphones fit over the top of the ears and around the back of the head. They are very lightweight and relatively easy to put on once you have worked out which way they go.

The conductor bit fits gently against the face at the front of the ears.

Because I always wear specs and also buff-style headwear to keep my hair out of my face, I ended up with quite a lot going on over my ears. I need to place the headphones on first, then put my glasses back on and then add the buff over the top. It felt ok although a bit cluttered.

The test was to be in the running.

I turned on the podcast running session and could hear it really well. It was a wet and windy night as I ran around a local football pitch but I had no issues hearing the voice of the coach.

I could also hear what was around me, such as the wind and other people, which I was happy about because it was a dark football pitch in the middle of a park. I was aware of road traffic nearby.

The headphones are very lightweight and because there are no wires they are very easy to wear.

I also tried the headphones for chatting to my daughter on the phone as I walked on a busy street. This wasn’t as successful because it was windy and the traffic was quite loud. I am used to having over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones while chatting on my phone and I don’t think there is anything that can beat that.

When I moved away from the traffic noise I was able to use the Aftershokz headphones for phone calls and the sound was fine, although not as good as the over-ear headphones.

My other comments are that I am not a fan of baby pink, but there are three other colours. I did feel like the area above my ears was a little irritated after being out for an hour of walking and running. I think you might need to “wear” them in a bit.

They survived the wet and sweat of my intervals training session on a rainy night.

There is no way to adjust the size of the lop that goes behind the head. This didn’t seem to bother me, perhaps because I had a buff over the headphones and this kept them in place but I wonder if they might move about if you have a smaller head.

Conclusion: If you are looking for headphones that are wireless, lightweight and stay in place while exercising, these seem like a good choice to me. They are cheaper than some other bone-conduction headphones that I have seen. They are much better suited to people who do not wear specs.

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