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Kit review: Rockay running and cycling wear

Written by Fiona

April 28 2021

This is my first time testing Rockay products and there is one thing I really like. It is their commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Of course, it could be argued that if we simply buy fewer items then this will mean less manufacturing, which in turn will reduce the damaging affect of carbon emmisions.

Rockay aims to balance this argument by offering various environmental targets.

More sustainable: Rockay uses recycled polyesters such as S.Cafe (coffee grounds) and SEAQUAL (plastic marine waste) to create the apparel.

Added Ploygiene: Rockay add Stay Fresh Technology to prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria. This means you can let your clothing air dry and wear repeatedly before it needs a wash. Reducing our washing aids the environment.

Cleaner oceans: Rockay has partnered with ReSea Project, with a percentage of all apparel purchases going towards cleaning up the ocean. For each product sale they clearly state how much plastic they will remove from the ocean.

Please note: For every sale that goes through a link on this article, I receive a small commission. I hope you don’t mind.

See Rockay to buy all the products below and many others.

Review: Rockay Women’s light support sports bra

Rockay removes 357g (38 bottles) of plastic trash from the ocean for every bra purchased.

Key features:

  • Made with recycled fabrics
  • Polygiene anti-odour technology
  • Light support
  • Comfort seams
  • Highly breathable fabric
  • Breathable laser cut holes
  • Reflective details front and back
  • 80% recycled polyester/ 20% elastane
  • Price £49.

The fabric is very smooth and silky and feels wonderful against the skin. The chest band is wide and comfortable, while the back system sits nicely against the back and around the shoulder blades. It is an unusual back design but there is nothing to criticise it.

The bra goes on easily over the head and offers light support. I would not recommend this for larger chest sizes for running because it will leave you with too much bounce.

It is a bra I would recommend for using when doing lighter activities, such as yoga, and possible for cycling. I have worn it for running and I found it gave me enough support but I am small chested.

It is a sports bra that can be worn on its own on warmer days, as well as under other clothing. The design and colourway is really nice.

I can confirm that wearing the bra several times for a run and without washing it in between was fine. I did not detect an sweat odour until the fourth run!

At £49, this is not a cheap “light support” sports bra but if you care about the environment you might be willing to pay more for Rockay apparel.

Kit review: Rockay women’s running shorts

Rockay remove 357g (38 bottles) of plastic trash from the ocean for every pair of shorts purchased.

Key features:Key Features

  • Made with recycled materials
  • 5″-inch length
  • Attached inner brief
  • Pocket on inner brief
  • Drawcord waistband
  • Breathable perforated fabric
  • Polygiene anti-odour technology added
  • Reflective logo
  • Outer Short: 100% recycled polyester / Inner Short: 80% recycled polyester, 20% elastane.
  • Female: £85; male: £89.

I asked a friend to test there shorts because I am not a fan of “short shorts” these days. I just don’t feel so comfortable when revealing too much of my thighs!

My reviewer Nic, of Epic Trails, really liked these shorts though. She notes that the sizing is small and the Rockay women’s medium is more like like a UK10. It is a good ides to buy a size bigger than normal.

Nic reports that the lightweight fabric and shorter shorts style means there is plenty of freedom of  movement, especially because the design means the outer shorts have a side-split leg.

The waistband is wide and really comfy against the skin and around the waist.

The inner short is stretchy but supportive at the same time and has a handy side pocket for a phone. Note that the shorts need to be well fitting to stop the phone jumping about as you run so this might not be the best feature of the shorts.

The under shorts are not made of a super supportive fabric, rather a nice and comfy inner.

There are other helpful features such as a small hole at one side of the shorts for a headphone cable, plus a drawcord at the waist if you need one. Few women seem to use waistband cords in shorts, although I guess it’s handy to have one just in case.

The shorts lack a zipped pocket for keeping keys and other valuables safe.

The shorts are not cheap but they have planet friendly credentials so this might sway people to buy them over another brand. There is a men’s version that are longer and slightly more expensive.

Review: Rockay Ignite cycling socks

One purchase means Rockay pledge to remove 125g (13 bottles) of plastic trash from the ocean.

Key features:

  • Made with recycled materials
  • Performance cushioning
  • Anti-odour technology
  • Seamless toe for anti-blister protection
  • Reflective logo
  • Breathable mesh zones
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 69% Econyl, 11% Cotton / 11% Modal, 5% Recycled Elastane / 3% Elastane, 1% Recycled Polyamide.
  • £17.50.

The fabric of these socks feels amazing. It is soft and smooth and there are no annoying seams at the toes.

There is a nice colour range for men and women, although I don’t think the lighter colours would last as well as the darker colours.

The fit is good, even with my long narrow foot, and if you like a longer ankle sock, this sock will be perfect. The fit around the shin is neat, which is fine for me. I can’t say whether it would be too tight if you have larger calf muscles but I suspect there is enough stretch.

Again, these are not cheap socks but they do come with eco-friendly features and many people will appreciate this.

Note: Rockay offers a two-year guarantee: so that if you experience any lack of basic functionality, they will send out a replacement.

To buy Rockay sports products

There are many other products sold by Rockay and I do think they all look well designed and offer good performance features.

See Rockay to buy products and for more information. (Please note: For every sale that goes through a link on this article, I receive a small commission.)

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