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Living more sustainably: Protecting the great outdoors

Written by Fiona

May 20 2021

We live in a throwaway society where people are constantly replacing their old goods, even if there is nothing really wrong with them. Our old outdoor gear, electronics and general items are too easily thrown away without any real thought, if people feel like there is something newer, or better, they can have.

This amounts to a lot more pollution in the world, as well as regret from those who found that their new item is not actually that much better than the one that they previously discarded. Finding ways to live more sustainably, and reduce the amount of waste you generate, can go a long way towards reducing the overall amount of waste you produce while helping the environment. If you are a fan of the great outdoors, it’s even important that we protect our planet by living more sustainably. Let’s explore how…

Take care of items and repair or mend where you can to save the environment.

Buy recycled goods

A number of items can be recycled, as opposed to simply throwing them away. While many households are aware of the benefits of recycling paper, cardboard and glass, some other items are also available to be recycled into something new. This also extends to electronic products.

While wiring and metals can be repurposed, you can also opt to buy recycled products, rather than a brand new creation, which can save you money too. Something as simple as ordering remanufactured ink cartridges for your printer can help to limit the amount of waste, and give old items a second life. Don’t feed the already overflowing landfills up and down the country. 

Fast fashion is also a culprit contributing to this issue, as people buy cheap items that they only wear a few times then throw away. When it comes to clothing, especially your outdoor gear and garments, it’s always best to invest in the best quality items that you will wear for years to come, as opposed to discarding them after a few wears after finding they have a hole, fray or tear.

By spending a little extra time (and money) when deciding on what to buy, you could be doing the environment a favour – great clothing items and outdoor equipment are an investment that should last you a lifetime if you take care of them properly.

Mend and repair old items

Whether it is your favourite down jacket that has a small hole, or a rucksack that has a broken buckle, remember that it is better to repair than throw out. By improving your sewing or DIY skills, you may be able to fix holes in your clothing, or you can easily find somebody locally to fix your items up. There are plenty of outdoor brands that now offer to repair items for you.

Donate old items

If there are possessions that you do not want anymore you could opt to donate them rather than simply throwing them away. There are a number of items that you can choose to donate, such as old clothes, tents, bikes, and even housewares.

Donating can be a great way to raise money for a charity that means a lot to you, and can also give you a bit of an ego boost in knowing that you have done your part for the environment, and those who might be in need.

Living more sustainably doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. By making small changes to how you use items, you can help to benefit both the planet and your own finances. Look after the environment, so you can keep enjoying it as much as possible!

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