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Exogun brings massage therapy to the home

Written by Fiona

June 14 2021

Professional and amateur athletes have long realised the benefits of percussion massage therapy to recover faster, reduce pain and relieve tension after training. But for year, this type of massage was only available if you paid a massage therapist.

Now there is a growing range of percussion massage guns that can be used by sports people in the comfort of their own home. Exogun Dream Pro is a one off a new portable massager that puts the power of a professional percussive massage into your hand. It is wireless, lightweight and adjustable.

The founder says: “Exogun brings professional-grade recovery and spa-quality massage to those who typically can only afford those types of services once in a blue moon. We’re athletes ourselves and we wanted to level the playing field while making training safer and more effective for everyone.”

What is Exogun?

Exogun is unlike other massage device. It is an all-in-one massager that offers both the benefits of a professional percussion massage and the tension-melting benefits of deep-tissue relaxation massage.

It has four interchangeable massage heads and six speed settings, which makes Exogun customisable and guaranteed to deliver the right intensity no matter the body type, muscle group or massage preference of the user.

Exogun’s percussion settings penetrate soft muscle tissue and increase blood flow to muscles, relieve tension and reduce pain. Percussion massage can also increase range of motion and enhance performance in as little as a few days of use.

Athletes have long used this massage technique to reduce recovery times and prevent injury. Thanks to Exogun, this technology is now available to everyone.

To switch from an intense percussive massage to a relaxing deep-tissue massage, simply adjust the speed and change the massager head. Whether you feel pain or stress at home, at the office, or on the road, Exogun is lightweight and easy to pack in a bag or briefcase.

Exogun can be used alone or with the help of a partner. There’s no need to understand massage therapy or have any medical knowledge beacause Exogun’s unique percussion settings deliver the exact pressure necessary to relieve tension at the source.

Designed by fitness experts, Exogun’s FirmWare Grip handle features unique ergonomic contours that allow the massager to be held confidently no matter the speed or intensity. Exogun was specially designed for use on the shoulders and lower back by a solo user without any awkwardness or discomfort.

Exogun’s lithium-ion battery charges quickly and safely. The massager’s body is fortified with rubber and is durable enough for use outdoors, at the gym, or anywhere else quick recovery is needed

The design of Exogun

Exogun was designed by a team of engineers and athletes after many design iterations and prototypes. Focus was placed on calibrating each speed setting and including multiple interchangeable massager heads, so Exogun would be the best multi-massage device for assisting both in recovery and relaxation.

I found at-home massage with a deep tissue massage gun to be very useful for recovery after intense exercise and for relaxing muscles between exercise sessions.

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