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Review: onewind double layer camping hammock

Written by Fiona

June 21 2021

I have been trying out the the onewind Double Layer Camping 11ft Hammock. This is the sort of hammock you can use for backpacking, camping or in your garden for relaxation.

This is a single person hammock and recommeded for people up to 400lbs. It measures 11ft by 55 inches.

Hammock set up in my garden.

Features include:

  • Double-layer hammock construction
  • Ultralight 1.1oz ripstop nylon balanced with durability and strength
  • Strong double-layered nylon construction with an all-in-one design without seams
  • 10ft long tree straps and easy to set up with adjustable buckles
  • Adjustable ridgeline for maximum comfort
  • Double-sided stuff sack
  • Opening for slotting in an inflatable sleeping pad
  • Weight: 1.64kg

You can buy the Onewind double layer hammock on Amazon for £47.90 and at Onewind, where there is a 5% off with this code: FIONARUSSELL

Also check out other onewind hammocks, such as the onewind double camping hammock.

View from the hammock in the garden.
The view above.

Review: onewind double layer camping hammock

My first thought was how lightweight the hammock feels. The fabric is similar to parachute type fabric in that it is light, silky and strong.

It comes with two long straps for attaching around two trees. The straps are easy to fit and adjust thanks to metal buckles.

So, you simply find two trees (we are lucky enough to have plenty of trees in our garden) and then throw the straps around the trees, fiddle a bit with the buckles and then tighten the hammock in place.

I chose to add a Therm-A-Rest into the opening in the double-layered fabric. This meant the hammock had a flatter base when I got in and it also kept my back warm.

There is an adjustable ridgeline that took me a while to understand. It sits horizontally above the hammock and allows you to get the “sag” of the hammock just right. It is also useful for holding on to for a bit of balance when you get into the hammock.

I had the hammock set up within 15 minutes (it will be much quicker next time) and I loved being able to lie under the trees, looking out over the view. The gentle swing of the hammock felt very relaxing.

Many people now take hammocks with them for camping backpacking or bike packing. You do need the right place (two trees) for the hammock and you would need to be confident that you found two trees when you wanted to stop.

I like my garden hammock so much that I am going to leave it in place for the summer.

This seems to be a good quality hammock made of a lovely lightweight but durable fabric and with all the right kit for putting it up. The stuff sack is useful.

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