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Great ways to enjoy time outdoors

Written by Fiona

July 28 2021

COVID-19 took the world by surprise. It altered most people’s way of life. However, from tragedy comes some triumph. The lockdown brought about a positive change in some people’s lives, with a return to simple living that includes quality family time and more outdoors enjoyment and activities. The time spent outdoor has shown us that amid our usually hectic lives we barely pause to see our surroundings. Yet, many of us live in or near beautiful and natural places.

Family gatherings

During 2020, parties and weddings were temporarily on hold. Now, however, with several effective vaccines available, many people can return to social gatherings. Outdoor events during the warm-weather months are a favourite pastime. We can put up heavy duty canopies and add outdoor tables and chairs and get back to living. It’s a simple activity that brings families and friends closer together, sharing wonderful memories for years to come. 

Camping trips

Mother nature provides a beautiful backdrop for a quality vacation we can all enjoy. Bring your bikes and fishing gear and create a campfire worthy of toasting marshmallows. Put the electronics down for the weekend and enjoy the company of loved ones. Pack additional clothing like a pullover sweatshirt or zipper jacket, a hat and boots. It’s also important to have plenty of sunscreen and bug repellant on hand and reapply often. 

Nature walks

There’s nothing more soothing than a nature walk. It’s also a great way to get in daily exercise.For example, uneven paths and hills act as a way to work a greater range of muscles. Kids can learn a lot about nature, too. Collect things such as fallen leaves and cones and place them in a memory box or photo album. Not only is it fun, but it also strengthens the family bond. 

Visit a national park

Many national parks, such as those in America, and also in Scotland, are free to the public. Take advantage of these wonderful open and natural places. Wear a good pair of walking shoes or hiking boots and take a brisk walk while you fill your lungs with fresh, unspoiled air. Parks are great for flying a kite, tossing a ball, or even taking a run with your pet.

Many parks also have natural springs or lakes allowing you to take a swim or a small boat ride. A visit to a park also brings about an awareness of why we need to preserve trees and animals in their natural habitat. 

Head to the beach

It is important to take care when swimming in the sea to ensure you acclimatise to the cold water but the activity is a great way to cool down on a hot day and to enjoy time outdoors.

A beach is a good place for a walk, too. Try going barefoot. You could help the kids build a sand castle or go look in rock pools for sea creatures.

You can also use a day at the beach to unwind. Close your eyes and hear the sounds of the ocean waves gently hitting the shore and the birds flying above. Sit under an umbrella to avoid overexposure to the sun and apply sunscreen often. 

Get creative

Having fun as a family doesn’t have to break the bank. Set up a sheet in the garden and a projector and you’ll have an awesome outdoor movie theatre. Put up a few colored outdoor lights, add leis and festive fruit drinks and create your own Hawaiian oasis.

Kids also need exercise. One way to make sure they receive enough is to design an obstacle course in the garden. They will have hours of fun while strengthening their bodies.

Plant a garden

There’s nothing more gratifying than growing food you can actually eat. Planting a garden is a  relaxing and educational experience that’s exciting for adults and kids alike. Start out with fruits and vegetables that grow easily. Then, after you gain knowledge, move on to the ones that require a bit more tender-loving care. 

In viewing the glass half full, the lockdown offered something positive. It restored a return to the simple, yet fulfilling life.

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