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Best home accessories for outdoor lovers

Written by Fiona

August 16 2021

If you love the great outdoors and activities related to nature, there is a high chance you will want to bring some the wonderful environment into your home. Adding photos of the outdoors and touches of nature to your indoors world will remind you of your outdoors passions and also help you to feel relaxed.

You can start with the decor and use simple, nature-inspired materials and colours to adorn walls and flooring. For example, wallpapers with nature designs or a feature wall with a stunning mountain or forest scene could be a great way to decorate a living room or bedroom.

Natural and neutral colours, such as greens and browns, might not sound too attractive but if you choose the right shades you may well find they are very soothing as background hues. Add dashes of bright blue, such as you might see on a sunny day at the coast, and brighter yellows, oranges and reds, such as those found in wildflower meadows and you will be on your way to creating a beaitufl interior for your home.

You might want to take inspiration from another house design or browse the internet and especially Pinterest for ideas created by other people.

Here we suggest some home decor accessories to enhance a home with outdoor and travel themes.

Framed prints

One obvious way to bring the outdoors indoors is to add framed prints of photos taken of the places you have visited. Pick your favourite photos and then ensure you choose a good quality product, such as printing on high-quality canvas paper. There are hundreds of designs available for framed photos and you can also request a custom order. 

Why not choose a photo that includes an adventure enjoyed by friends or family and use Canvaspop to capture your special memories in one frame with a personal touch to customise your frames?

Sea-glass ideas

Use collected beach glass. This is debris glass that has been sea and weather eroded. You could fill an empty glass bottle with different coloured sea glass or created a two glass-sided frame and add sea glass to this.

Some people cover a small window, such as one in a toilet or bathroom, with sea glass and then use clear-settgin resin to fill the gaps between the glass.

When light comes through the sea glass it creates a pretty display and one that will remind you of a coastal adventure.

Printed lamp shades

 A striking lampshade can provide an instant centrepiece in any interior space. Choose lamp shades that feature nature or a landscape to remind you of your love of the outdoors.

Woods and trees

Wood is a major feature of many outdoors adventures, especially if you enjoy visiting forests. You can easily bring wood into the home with wooden floors or furniture made of wood. Items created with reclaimed wood will be more environmentally friendly.

Or how about a feature wall of forest wallpaper?

A map wall

Cover a feature wall in old maps, or have a few rolls of wallpaper customised with a large and detailed map of an area that you have visited. There are plenty of on-line providers of ready-made map wallpaper or that will crate an area of map to suit your location requirements.

Corks from your travels

You could fill a large glass bottle or use a large picture frame to add corks to. Choose corks from bottles of wine or port, or whatever you have consumed, during your travels.

It could be that you choose corks that were popped at memorable moments or you aim too collect corks from countries that you have visited.

Scents of nature

Natural fragrances will remind you of the outdoors. For example, choose candles or diffusers with scents such as pine, eucalyptus, rose, honey blossom or the sea. It’s lovely to have a waft of the outdoors as you spend time indoors.

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