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Luxury crewed catamaran holidays are good value

Written by Fiona

November 02 2021

Many people dream of a holiday at sea, but think that it’s out of their price range. The truth is that if you’re sailing with family or friends, a catamaran can be excellent value for a holiday.

Imagine a holiday home, but it floats on water. A catamaran differs from a yacht in that it gives you that extra space and comfort.

Whether you’re planning to sail around Sardinia or the Seychelles, a catamaran is a good vessel for exploration. Although most people are familiar with catamarans for day tours, in fact they are hired for longer cruises too.

As many families would now like to travel in pods, choosing a catamaran for the family holiday makes sense. It offers a great getaway with the safety of small numbers.

Catamaran holidays are available here, from just €247 per day, including a skipper.

What is a Catamaran?

A catamaran is a sailing vessel that has two hulls, which means two points of contact with the water. It has a platform across the top that joins the two hulls together and forms into a boat shape.

The main difference this provides is stability in the water, as the two hulls provide balance. This makes it easier to walk around on deck, but it does mean it will not turn as quickly.

Due to the way a catamaran is built and travels on water, it can actually access areas that yachts cannot. You can get closer access to remote beaches and lagoons on a catamaran due to the shallower draft.

Benefits of a Catamaran

The double hull on a catamaran has several advantages over a traditional single hull boat. These are particularly clear for a family holiday, especially if you have a few generations.

Here are some benefits

1) It’s better for children or anyone that’s unsteady on their feet

Some people find it difficult to get their sea legs. A catamaran is better for a family holiday because it can provide that stability.

2) Passengers get a better night’s sleep

When docked, a catamaran doesn’t move about much on the water. This means everyone on board can slumber peacefully.

3) Easier to cook or play games onboard

The heel of a sailboat is around 35 to 45 degrees – great for excitement, not for activities onboard. With a catamaran, the heel is between 5 to 10 degrees, so it’s easier to do things.

4) Views

The bridge deck is lower on a normal sailing boat than a catamaran, so you don’t get the full view. Those extra view inches give a great vantage point for those wishing to take in the scenery.

5) Speed

Believe it or not, many people report that racing catamarans have far superior speed to many sailing boats. This means that you can cover more space in less time, and visit more places.

6) Safety

Of course, safety is paramount for a family holiday. It is harder to sink a catamaran than a normal boat, and less likely that someone gets thrown overboard in rough waters.

7) Space

Cabins are larger and the deck has more space on a catamaran. This means that more people can enjoy the space together, but it also means more privacy for everyone.

If you’re wondering about the cons of a catamaran, the main thing is that it needs more space to dock. However, given how many catamarans are on the water now, most marinas have spaces available.

Why you should choose a crewed catamaran

You’re on holiday! Even if you do have the correct licence and experience, why not take a break?

Having a crewed catamaran is the ultimate luxury experience. You have a small team onboard who can look after the technical details, while you simply enjoy the ride.

Hiring a catamaran allows you the extra space to keep a crew onboard. This means the sailing, maintenance, cleaning and cooking will be done by professionals.

The crew-to-guest ratio on a catamaran is better than most luxury hotels in the world. This means you’re getting 5-class service at an amazing rate! 

Great value for premium service

When you’re manning your own catamaran, it means all hands on deck at various times.

Even if you have sailed a catamaran before, you’ll learn things from a professional crew. They can show you the best way to stow goods and why a certain route is better.

Professional skippers will know all the hidden gems along your route, so you get inside knowledge. The skipper also knows where the best moorings are for catamarans, so no stress for you.

You can select a crew that get more involved, or one that simply serve and stay in the background. If your group are avid food-lovers, you can arrange that a culinary whizz is on the crew.

Book a crewed catamaran for your next holiday

If you are wondering about the popularity of catamarans, it is growing year on year. That’s why it makes sense to book in advance and get the best value for your trip.

You can have a relaxing adventure on the high seas, knowing that everyone is safe while seeing extraordinary sights.

Why not kick back and let a professional catamaran crew look after you on your next holiday?

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