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Review: Scott Supertrac 3 trail running shoe

Written by Fiona

December 20 2021

The Scott Supertrac 3 trail running shoe is a new and updated model of the Scott Supertrac 2. I have been testing the Supertrac 3 footwear on a variety of trails in Scotland.

Scott states: “Our most popular mountain performance shoe with All Terrain Traction to handle everything from the muddiest valley floor to rocky mountain ridges. Featuring a nylon ripstop upper to add higher levels of durablity to our best-selling model in the collection.”

Features include:

  • All Terrain Traction
  • Full rubber outsole
  • AeroFoam+
  • eRIDE Midsole
  • Ortholite ECO X-40 Footbed
  • Ripstop mesh upper
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane support cage
  • Toe guard
  • Form-fitting tongue (locking system)
  • Heel: 29mm
  • Forefoot: 21mm
  • Drop: 8mm
  • Male: 320g
  • Female: 290g
  • Men’s sizes: US 7-13/UK 6 -12/EU 40-47.5
  • Women’s sizes`: US 5.5-11/UK 3-8.5/EU 36-43
  • Price: £130
  • See Scott Sports. You can buy from Sports Shoes, too. For women’s shoes and for men’s shoes. (Note: I receive a small commission for sales.)

What is All Terrain Traction?

Scott states: The traction is ideal for ultra marathons.

“The strategic lug configuration creates superior forward and breaking traction in deep mud as well as dry technical terrain, which is the variety of terrains one will encounter in a mountain 100-mile race.

“Strategically orientated chevrons all around the forefoot provide extra stability when the body needs support after long hours of racing.”

What is E-Ride?

A rocker shape to create a stable mid-stance, which “promotes the faster and more efficient running style that runners strive for”.

Scott adds: “Regardless of running gait, eRide works with the body to promote a more dynamic running position, reducing heel strike impacts and increasing running efficiency.”

What is AeroFoam+?

AeroFoam+ focuses on a cushioned but stable ride and is used in most of Scott’s trail running shoes. The brand adds: “It is durable with dynamic rebound to offer protection while maintaining an efficient stride.”

My thoughts: Scott Supertrac 3 trail running shoe

I have been in search of a trail running shoe that will keep me upright on Scotland’s winter trails. In particular, I need a pair of trail shoes for forest routes, where wet rocks, tree roots and mud are the main obstacles.

This is my first pair of Scott trail running shoes. I know other runners who swear by Scott for trail running.

Firstly, there are two colour ways for women and three colour ways for men. Why so? For women, the choice is a shoe with a lot of bright pink or one that is predominantly grey. I’d like to see better colour choices for women.

On a more positive note, the Scott Supertrac 3 trail running shoe is a good length and fit. I am a UK8.5 and the Scott women’s Supertrac 3 is true to this size. I could probably wear a narrower shoe at the forefoot but I do have very narrow feet, so for anyone with a standard width of foot will find the shoe a good fit. (I can’t tell you about the men’s version in terms sizing.)

The shoe feels robust and well made. In fact, it’s quite a weighty shoe with a durable upper that includes a high rand and toe cap. This is good news for people who run on trails with high levels of vegetation. I can see the upper being long-lasting.

The heel cup is solid and cushioned. In fact, I worried that it was going to be too solid for comfortable running but when out on the trails I liked how stable my foot felt. I think that in winter we need a bit more stability on the trails.

The heel cup is solid and cushioned. In fact, I worried that it was going to be too solid for comfortable running but when out on the trails I liked how stable my foot felt. I think that in winter we need a bit more stability on the trails.

The sole is also noticeably stiff. Again, I was worried that the shoe would feel stiff and unresponsive on the trails but this didn’t materialise. The trails that I run on are soft and so the stiff sole was fine. I noticed that when running on tarmac to reach the trails, the sole of the shoe slapped a bit and this is because it’s fairly inflexible.

The insole cushioning is lovely. Well, I like a bit of cushioning, so it pleased me. The cushioning is in both the forefoot and heel and it offered a great sense of comfortable running. The sole of the shoe is stiff, but the insole is cushioned and this is different from other trail shoes that I run in, such as Hoka, where the cushioning in is the outsole, rather than in-sole.

In terms of Scott’s claims of AeroFoam+ giving a “dynamic rebound to offer protection while maintaining an efficient stride”, I can’t say my running felt any more efficient than in other trail shoes but I certainly didn’t feel like complaining about the cushioning.

If you like a shoe with minimal underfoot in-sole cushioning, I don’t think you would enjoy the Scott Supertrac 3 but for anyone who likes a bit of give in-shoe, you’ll like it.

The design of the soles looked really promising. The lugs are fairly deep and spread fully across the sole of the shoe. I found the Supertrac 3 work really well in mud and on grassy trails. When the path is steep and muddy, it’s a shoe that gives confidence. They are good on dry rocks, too.

Sadly, I don’t find the sole traction very good on wet rocks and tree roots. In fairness, I have not found any trail running shoes that don’t slip on wet tree roots.

When running in the Scott Supertrac 3 shoes I felt a positive connection and increased confidence on wet, soggy and muddy trails. Trails with wet rocks and tree roots made me nervous because the lugs slipped over and off these obstacles. On tarmac and hard stoney trails, the shoes felt a bit stiff and clumpy.

One area of the shoe design that is not so great is the tongue. When I first put on the shoes the tongue felt really stiff. It also rises too high up the shoe, so I was aware of the top edge of the tongue on the front of my ankle. While running, the stiff tongue was less noticeable but I found the generally stiff area around the heel cup and ankle a little too inflexible for my liking.

Conclusion: The Scott Supertrac 3 is a robust and well-made trail running shoe. It is a it heavier than other trail shoes that I usually wear but it looks like it is a durable shoe.

The Supertrac 3 has high levels of cushioning combined with solid base so it is a comfortable shoe that gives confidence on the trails. The lugs and traction are great on muddy, wet and boggy paths and trails. They are good on dry rocks, too. However, the rubber outsole didn’t give me confidence on wet rocks and tree roots.

The upper is solid and stable. I felt it was a bit too solid and stiff at the heel cup for my liking but others might like this, especially in the winter or in the mountains when solid stability is good.

The price is what I would expect for a good quality trail running shoe.

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