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Review: Haglöfs Touring Mid Jacket

Written by Fiona

January 30 2022

My guest reviewer Crystal G has been testing the Haglöfs Touring Mid Jacket. The Touring Mid Jacket is described as a technical mid-layer that is warm and breathable, as well as being stretchy and moisture wicking. It is meant for mountaineering, climbing, hill walking and ski touring.

Other features include:

  • Fabrics: Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece and Polartec® Alpha®
  • Chest pocket
  • Contains recycled and bluesign® approved fabric
  • Weight: 420g
  • Male and female fit
  • £130. Buy for £117 at

What’s good about the Haglöfs Touring Mid Jacket

The Haglofs Touring Mid Jacket is made with a mix of Power Stretch and Alpha fabric. The goal was to use a highly insulating fabric that also enabled moisture to be wicked away. This in turn delivers consistent warmth and breathability.  Practically speaking, it means you don’t feel so swampy and don’t need to shed layers so frequently.

While testing out the jacket I found that it did keep me warm and insulated, but it was also very cosy. The mix of fabrics is incredibly soft. 

For me, it functioned perfectly as an external layer in moderate temperatures, and then a great mid layer under a coat or rain jacket when the weather turned to “adventure weather”. 

Paul Trepte, from, says this: “This is a piece for those stop-start mountain activities. Simply stick it on in the morning and keep it on all day without getting all clammy and sweaty.

“Active people need active insulation that delivers superb breathability to maintain and regulate a constant body temperature in cold and nasty weather.  

“You wouldn’t wear this kind of insulation if you’re standing around watching a football game for instance, but when you’re on the move, there’s nothing better.  

“Wear it as an outer layer in cool and dry conditions, or throw over a hardshell when it’s properly cold and wet as this jacket works superbly as a breathable and warm midlayer. After all, you’re going to have a proper waterproof jacket with you at all times, aren’t you?” 

The jacket is well made. It has good zippers, a good length on the torso and long sleeves. That is one of the first things I often notice as I have fairly long arms. 

I have been wearing this up in the mountains and for hikes along the sea. It has been great and very adaptable to our varying family adventures.

What’s not so good about the Haglöfs Touring Mid Jacket

I prefer to have more pockets. At times I have found that this jacket was slightly difficult to use as an outer layer if you want to carry bits and pieces. There isn’t a great place to put a mobile phone, for example.

The chest pocket worked really well for holding a mask or other small objects, but would have a very weird look to it if you tried to store your phone there.

The zipper pull on the chest pocket is also rather larger than it needs to be and it would be nicer if it wasn’t as distracting.

Sizing: This jacket seemed to run slightly small. I am pretty much across the board a medium size on my upper body and this jacket seemed just slightly too snug across the shoulders. It seemed to be fine everywhere else, but I noticed it the most in the shoulder area.

Conclusion: I have used this jacket for a couple months and I make sure I pack it for any trip. Discomfort should come from pushing your own limits, not from poor choices in clothing. This is a great choice for layer.

  • Crystal received the jacket free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
  • About the Author: Crystal and her family write about their family adventures and the kit that keeps them alive at

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