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Review: Dexshell Running Lite waterproof socks

Written by Fiona

February 22 2022

I have been testing Dexshell Running Lite waterproof socks. The brand describes these socks as “waterproof running socks designed to offer optimal fit and protection in all conditions”. 

The socks include a “Porelle membrane” for waterproof / breathable performance and a “drirelease inner” for moisture management.

They also have a close fit with elastic arch support to maintain a good fit even when wet. 


  • Outer sock: 71% polyamide, 19% polyester, 5% elastane, 5% combed cotton
  • Interlining: Porelle® membrane
  • Inner sock: 97% DriFil® (by drirelease blend with Lyocell), 3% elastane


S: 3-5 | M: 6-8 | L: 9-11 | XL: 12-14

Price: £20 from various outlets, such as Amazon. ((I receive a small commission for sales through this website.)

You can also buy various Dexshell socks on SportsShies, such as Dexshell Ultra Dri socks . These Dexshell Bamboo socks are aimed at runners specifically. (I also receive a small commission for sales through this website.)

Dexshell sell a range of other waterproof socks including those aimed at walkers, cyclists, kids, plus gloves. I have tested the Ultra Thin Crew Socks and the Drylite gloves as well. See below for those reviews.

My thoughts: Dexshell Running Lite waterproof socks

I confess that until this year, I had decided that waterproof socks were too thick, bulky and annoying for running. I had found a few pairs that I liked for walking but these were not comfortable when running.

But then I discovered a few friends were wearing waterproof socks for wet and winter runs and they raved about them.

They told me they kept their feet warmer and drier and that surely I would benefit from such a product.

By chance, Dexshell asked me if I wanted to test their waterproof socks and when they told me they sell running socks I thought, “Why not?”

And I am very pleased I did try them because I now wear them for all winter trail and hill runs and walks.

I can cope with wet feet for a couple of hours but any more than this is miserable. I end up with very cold and numb feet, which is not great if I want to be in the hills and mountains for more than half a day.

Ben Vrackie

What I like abut the Dexshell Running Lite waterproof socks

The socks are really comfortable. They fit well, too. I am a narrow UK8 size and so I went for the medium size. They stay in place on my feet just like normal running socks.

The lining is soft against my skin, while the sock is generally soft and stretchy. While the socks are a bit thicker than my usual running sock, they are not bulky and I can wear them comfortably in my usual trail shoes. There is no annoying seam at the toes.

It’s worth noting something about waterproof socks, however. They are not fully waterproof like a plastic bag or oil skin. They do a great job of keeping your feet dry for a while but if the conditions are very wet for a prolonged time, you will get damp seeping in. It has to be like this because a fully waterproof membrane would mean your feet couldn’t breath. If feet can’t breathe they will end up wet inside anyway.

So when you read “waterproof socks” think more of a product that keeps out a lot of wet, but still allows your foot to breath.

I find my feet are a bit damp by the end of a three-hour run in very wet conditions but they have avoided the full-on soaking that my feet would have in normal socks.

In addition, the skin of my feet are less wrinkled when wearing the Dexshell socks.

Another bonus is that the socks stay in place on my feet. Other waterproof socks I’ve tried slip down my feet and bunch up at the toes.

The socks can be washed in the washing machine.

I am struggling to find anything I don’t like about the Dexshell Running Lite waterproof socks. It would be nice if they were cheaper and perhaps the brand could make them in brighter colours and funkier designs. That’s all!

Other Dexshell products on test

I have also tested the Ultra Thin Crew socks, which are useful for all kinds of activities. They were also great as running socks and I have worn them for wet dog walks in my non-waterproof inov-8 Roclite boots. Again they are comfortable and effective.

The Dexshell Drylite gloves are a great idea, too. The DexShell Drylite Gloves are waterproof and windproof and feature DEXFUSE lamination technology. The gloves are nicely flexible but also warm and waterproof. They are touchscreen compatible, with a cosy merino wool inner for warmth.

To be honest, I can never have enough gloves in my cupboard. I have poor circulation and I have different gloves for different occasions. These gloves are great for general dog and hill walking and especially on wet weather days. They are a medium weight and medium warmth type of glove.

Having a nicely waterproof glove that is warm, flexible and can be used with a touchscreen adds up to a great product.

There are plenty more Dexshell products, too.

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