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Best American East Coast areas for first time backpackers

Written by Fiona

March 09 2022

If you are new to outdoor adventures, especially backpacking, you will no doubt be looking for tips on where to go for a trip. These top trails are located on the East Coast of America.

You’ll also discover a useful list the essential backpacking gear and the importance of having small stuff buried at the bottom of your backpack. Sometimes, minor details can make it or break it, and the more you gain the experience, the better your adventures will get.

Credit: Pexels / Daniel Battersby

Best East Coast American trail areas for backpacking

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is renowned for breathtaking scenery and has some great hiking trails. Although a vast area extending tor 47,000 acres, there is plenty to suit first timers and you’ll enjoy green forest and crisp fresh air. The chances are you’ll meet more experienced backpackers along the way. too.


There is no doubt that Vermont is one of the finest, most breathtaking places the East Coast has to offer. It would be best to take on this journey in spring, or in the fall, because you’ll experience the amazing, vibrant colours that the trees offer in that period.

Still, you can also consider visiting between April and September. There are thousands of acres to be explored and there are trails suitable for backpackers with different abilities. The trails are also dog friendly, so your pet can explore the forests by your side.

Credit: Pexels / Ali Kazal

The White Mountains 

Located only two hours from Boston, there are 8,000 acres of woods and breathtaking alpine peaks spread around New Hampshire and part of Maine. The trails can be quite challenging, but there are also trails that are beginner-friendly, too.

You can start small and, then on your next trip you might want to step up to harder trails. The view that you get from some of the highest points is stunning on a good weather day. If you want to experience a 360 view, then a moderate hike to the top of Mount Eisenhower will provide just what you need. There is also an option to drive to the very top, but where’s the fun in that? 

The mountains have huts where hikers can stay the night, but if you’re feeling adventurous, pack your tent and sleeping bag.

Shenandoah National Park 

A true hikers’ heaven located only an hour away from Washington is Shenandoah National Park. The trails are filled with cascading waterfalls and historical landmarks.

There are four entrances to the park and they are all connected to one another by a driving road, where you can pass the park with a car. But, you can always leave the car nearby, and then go on foot into the forests. What makes the park really special is the forest, rich wildlife and history.

The park is perfect for first-time backpackers and hikers of all levels, and don’t be surprised if it’s quite crowded when you visit. Most of the trails are dog-friendly and family-friendly as well, so you can take your kids on an unforgettable journey with you. 

Enjoy and don’t forget about small details 

The more you backpack, the more experience you will gain. Learning how to set up a campfire, erect your tent and finding the right, high-quality gear comes through experience and by talking to other backpackers. Always ensure you have enough food, water, a lighter, a first aid kit and a torch with you.

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