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Most breathtaking train trips across Europe

Written by Fiona

May 19 2022

One of the best ways to ensure a fulfilling Eurotrip is travelling by train. While you will want to explore cities individually, navigating between them is half the fun. So, which routes to take, and which pathways to choose? Here are some of the most breathtaking train trips across Europe.

Prague to Budapest train

During a train trip from the capital city of the Czech Republic to the capital of Hungary, you will see many stunning sights and cross several scenic locations.

Along the way, on the train from Prague to Budapest, you can admire the Visegrad castle in Pest County, as well as rolling hills, mountain peaks and the Danube river.

Take a stop at Brussels, in Belgium.

Paris to Berlin train

The system between these giants is exceptionally well-developed, so you will have many options to choose from, whether high-speed trains or some slower ones if you enjoy spending time on a train,

Take a stop over at Brussels for some city sights and exploration. For example, you spend a couple of hours roaming around the city centre to see the most famous establishments and headquarters of the EU.

There are plenty of alternative countryside stops on this route, too.

Prague to Vienna train

Another popular option that takes you all the way to Austria is the train from Prague to Vienna. Travelling form the capital of the Czech Republic, you will pass through many villages and towns, as well as cities.

Since the train is direct and relatively quick, there will not be many stops made, but keep your eyes open to see the beauty of the Austrian Alps and the picturesque scenery of the countryside. 

Oslo to Bergen train

Oslo to Bergen in Scandinavia is a treat. The Bergen Line, which journeys through Norway, has even been proclaimed as one of the best European train trips.

You’ll enjoy Norway’s stunning landscapes, including famous fjords and Hardangervidda National Park.

After that, get ready for the Hardangervidda plateau, Europe’s most extensive high mountain plateau.

If you have the time, stop during your trip to ski, hike, or bike on the Bergen Line. Norway is the perfect place for outdoor activities.

Rock climbing at Ribes de Freser.

Paris to Barcelona train

While there are many high-speed train choices to reach Barcelona from Paris, you could choose a slower option to really enjoy the scenery as you travel.

Enjoy the sights of the French Pyrenees and unfolding views of Latour-de-Carol. The railway passes Limoges and Toulouse, which are great little towns for you to see and visit.

If you wish to feed your inner historian, make stops at Ribes de Freser and Ripoll, home to an ancient monastery.

The Swiss Alps.

Locarno to Domodossola train

One of the most stunning railroads in Europe and, maybe the world, the Locarno to Domodossola trail is a must-see.

Travel through the Swiss Alps to see the icy tops of the most beautiful mountains on the continent, deep ravines, vineyards, gorgeous valleys and chestnut groves.

Another highlight is the Isorno Rail Viaduct near the village of Intragna, famous for its architecture and views from the top. There are also several deluxe trains for you to choose from if you wish the spend your time luxuriously.

Odontotos Rack Railway

If you find yourself in Greece, definitely consider jumping on the Odontotos Rack Railway to explore the places you would probably not visit without occasion.

The journey is relatively short, only an hour, but in that time you will see southern Greece from an entirely different point of view. S

tarting at the seaside town of Diakopto, the Odontotos Railway travels up to the mountain town of Kalavrita through gorgeous forests and tunnels. If you plan your journey correctly, you might even get to explore Olympia’s ancient ruins of temples and stadiums.

Keep your eyes open during the trip to see the beauty of a wild Peloponnese ravine and true Greek wilderness. There are almost 50 bridges to cross on the trail line, too.

Venice, Italy.

Venice Simplon Orient-Express: UK, France and Italy

You can do the 1500km journey in a long day if you fancy. Starting in London, the train continues through England, crosses the entirety of France and ends in Venice, Italy.

There is a lot to enjoy, including fabulous and ever-changing views and a wealth of history and heritage.

Glenfinnan Viaduct.

West Highland Line

If you have ever wondered which is the best way to explore the mindblowing Scottish Highlands, the West Highland Line travels through some of the most beautiful locations.

The journey reveals hills, glens, lochs and mountains as you head north from Glasgow to Fort William and on to Mallaig on the west coast.

The rail route also passes several sites of ancient castle ruins and, of course, the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct, which featured in the Harry Potter movies.

While the UK has left the EU, it is still usually referred to as being part of wider Europe.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from while planning your epic Eurotrip! The last is to plan ahead and purchase tickets early. This way, you will ensure your seats and save some money.

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