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Discover cultural Europe: Museums, theatres, galleries & more

Written by Fiona

August 30 2022

Full of prosperous cities and marvellous sites, Europe remains the most culturally captivating and rich place in the world. There is no way of visiting without exploring some of the best museums, theatres, or art galleries. So, if you are planning a Eurotrip – perhaps a backpacking holiday – check out our list of what you can see for the best intellectual experiences. 

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

If you are an art admirer and have always found Vincent Van Gogh’s work special, visiting Amsterdam should be your first stop. Here, you can learn more about the life and creative process of the famous artist and, of course, the world’s largest Van Gogh paintings and drawings collections. 

The gallery is the most visited museum in the Netherlands and represents European art culture perfectly, showing and explaining the genius work and distinctive style that still has a significant impact on many creators.

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Take the Amsterdam to Berlin train to keep exploring and discovering European cultural treasures. This time, let’s travel to the Pergamon Museum, featuring vast collections of all kinds of eras and periods: Antiquity, Islamic Art, Middle East Art, the Pergamon Altar and others. 

Because of its architecture and testimony to the evolution of museums as architectural and social phenomena, Pergamon was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 and is greatly known not only for its exhibits but for historical changes and occurrences as well.

The most memorable was its severe damage during the air attacks on Berlin at the end of the Second World War, and in 1945, the Red Army collected museum items that were not protected, which were only returned to Germany more than 10 years later. 

Vienna State Opera, Vienna

One of the leading opera houses in the world, Vienna State Opera, stands proud of being a top attraction in Austria and a highly significant cultural site in Europe. 

Each season, the schedule is packed with over 350 performances of over 60 operas and ballets, some very traditional and well-known, some newer and unexpected. The combo of the top artists globally, the unique orchestra that plays absolutely superbly, and the thorough script are what makes Vienna State Opera so important.

However, if you are unable to catch a show, visit for architecture and sights, anyway. The Renaissance Revival venue is one of Austria’s most impressive architectural pieces! 

The Pompidou Centre, Paris

While travellers typically choose Paris for such widely acclaimed places as the Louvre or Musee d’Orsay, it is time to discover another impressive site here that is the Pompidou Centre. 

Immediately recognisable by the distinctive 20th century architecture, the Pompidou Centre is the first contemporary and modern art collection in the world, displaying more than just exhibitions but rather combing many things into one unforgettable experience. Here, you can see shows, debates, performances, and activities for children.

Not only is it the imposing 20th and 21st century art that makes it so unique and grand, but also the fact that the centre is a perfect place to spend time with your family. Whereas many museums are not equipped to interest children, the Pompidou Centre makes it suitable for all ages. 

Tate Modern, London

As people say, the jewel of the crown of modern art in the UK, Tate Modern is certainly one of the most impressive contemporary art galleries in Europe. So while London has a lot to offer and is basically a treasure chest for tourists, make visiting Tate Modern a priority, and here is why.

With around six million visitors each year, the gallery holds the most prominent nation’s collection of contemporary art, dating back to 1900 and up until the present day.

If you explore thoroughly, you will see the clear dialogue between the past and the present and how the museum has managed to bring together items that at first would not look compatible yet makes for a perfect combination when you look a bit closer. Tate Modern is your candid way to enjoy culture. 

National Theatre, Prague

Let’s move to Central Europe for a bit. Yes, not all of the top cultural sites are crammed in France, Italy or Austria. However, the Czech Republic is also a significant country to visit if you wish to explore the distinctive European culture. This time, let’s see what the National Theatre has to offer. 

Otherwise known as the Golden Chapel, this Neo-Renaissance marvel is the alma mater of the Czech opera and is a national monument as well. The perfect preservation of the country’s dramatic way of thinking allows you glimpses into the traditional form of music and dance, one that is extremely important in the Czech Republic.

The repertoire includes anything from the classical heritage to modern creators, all of which are trying to tell you a story with the help of opera, ballet, and drama.

Birth of Venus, Uffizi Gallery.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Naturally, any list regarding Europe’s cultural heritage is not complete without Italy. Uffizi Gallery is by far one of the top museums in the world due to the vast collections of unique artwork and historical masterpieces on display. And knowing that the main part of the collection was left for the gallery by the Medicis leaves no doubt of its level of grandness. 

The gallery hosts pieces by such worldly-famous artists as Botticelli, Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raffaello, to name just a few. Dating back to the 12th century, the influential art in the Uffizi Gallery makes it the most spectacular cultural experiences in Europe, so this is an absolute must-see for your trip! 

All the ideas offer you excellent choices to complete your culturally-packed European trip and to learn all there is to know about the distinctive heritage that grows and inspires people from all around the world. So be attentive and curious – there is much to learn.

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