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Review: Komperdell Calima Carbon Cloud trekking poles for women

Written by Fiona

August 05 2022

Komperdell has developed a set of Calima Carbon Cloud trekking poles specifically for women. The poles won an ISPO award at the summer show in Germany.

The Komperdell Calima Carbon Cloud poles are claimed to be 40% lighter than conventional poles “making them the lightest on the market and the smallest pack size”.

The poles are slim with an ergonomically formed cork grip and softly woven strap.

Full features list:

  • 40% lighter than other trekking poles
  • Smaller pack size – 57cm length when folded
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Extended length of the pole is 120cm
  • Fully adjustable from 90cm to 120cm
  • Slim design
  • Ergonomically formed cork grip
  • Softly woven strap
  • Powerlock 3.0 adjusting system
  • New contemporary look with discreet and stylish graphics making them stand out from the crowd.
  • Price: £179.95. See Komperdell.
  • I have spotted them for £140 on Amazon. (I receive a small commisson for sales of items through this website.)

My thoughts: Komperdell Calima Carbon Cloud poles

I like that the poles are lightweight. I much prefer a lightweight pole, usually made of carbon, when walking.

The feel of the poles is good and although the poles are light the balance of pole to handle is great.

The poles are simple to put together, extend and fold away. Plus the Powerlock system is seemingly robust. I have used Komperdell poles before and they are durable.

The cork grip is comfortable. I like cork because it soaks up sweat. Sometimes cork can rub the skin of the hands but this wasn’t an issue. It’s good to have long grips so that you can hold them further down the pole when, for example, walking on a cambered hillside.

The strap is soft and comfortable and easy to adjust.

Poles have good adjustment range. This is Poppy, aged eight, using them on Ben Lomond.

Although I am reluctant to comment on the “style” of the poles because it seems odd to think about poles being stylish, or not, they do actually look pretty good.

I do have a couple of criticisms. The price is high! I know carbon is expensive and many carbon walking poles are costly but I still wince at £180 for a set of poles. All I can say about this in defence of Komperdell is that the price is similar to other brands and the poles are long lasting and robust. Shop about for cheaper prices if you can.

Be warned, too, that I have reports of carbon poles breaking when subjected to body weight force. It’s never happened to me but it has to other people. Saying that, poles made of other materials, such as aluminium, can end up bent if subjected to a force or heavy weight.

Note: Komperdell has a three-year guarantee so if a pole snaps or breaks or anything goes wrong, they will be replaced. 

Also, why do women need poles specifically for them? Why not simply bill these poles as slim and lightweight. I just can’t see why, as a woman, I need a set of walking poles that is marketed according to my gender.

I understand that many products are better when they are designed for the different genders, for example, clothing, footwear, rucksacks and bikes. But do women really have so many differences to men that they need a set of gender-specific poles?

I guess the thought process is that women are, on average, smaller in stature and lighter, so the poles can be made to suit this physique. I just don’t know if there really is a need for female-specific poles.

The poles will probably serve both men and women and the only walker who won’t suit these poles is someone who needs a pole length longer than 120cm and a heavier walker. But, even then, women can weigh more than men in some cases.

Women’s hands are, on average smaller, so a slimmer grip could be justified but, really, this is a small detail. Plus, I have large hands and I didn’t feel the pole grips were too slim, just right or too fat.

Conclusion: Komperdell Calima Carbon Cloud poles are nicely designed. They are lightweight, pack up into a small size and they are easy to set up and adjust. They are lightweight and made of carbon so they are not cheap. I also wonder why women need their own specially designed poles. The poles would serve men and women just as well so long as you don’t need a pole longer than 120cm.

  • The poles were sent to me without charge for an honest review.

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