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How to look after your garden during Autumn

Written by Fiona

November 01 2022

Even though late autumn is the season of saying goodbye to vivid garden blooms, there are still a few things to look forward to. Autumn brings us the best foliage colours and your outdoor space can look more than amazing with just some basic care and autumn garden maintenance.

Keep on reading to learn more about how to look after your garden in the beautiful autumn season.

Autumn and how it affects the garden

Have you ever wondered what happens to your garden during the autumn? Some of the plants are not making chlorophyll anymore. Instead, they break it into smaller molecules. That’s why leaves turn yellow or red because other pigments have the chance to show their beautiful colours.

Even though most of the plants are not growing as much as we want during autumn, there are plants that actually thrive during this season. The air is not too hot, and they still get water and light.

So if planted at the right time, they will have time to establish stable root systems and make your autumn garden as lively as your summery one.

How to take care of the autumn garden 

Most people believe that during autumn, there is no need for extensive gardening. However, this is not true! This is your time for tidying your outdoor space and preparing it for the next year.

Furthermore, if you want your garden to be ready for the spring, you should do proper autumn garden maintenance.

Do a major cleaning before winter

First and most importantly, you should do a major cleaning before winter. Remove everything that is not supposed to be present in your garden. Sweep up or collect deceased plants, branches, stones, random garbage and plant debris lying around the garden. To help get the debris off your property altogether, have a look at the dedicated dumpsters available at, as they can make what is sometimes a difficult task incredibly easy. 

You might also have to clean the pathways, and jet wash the outdoor furniture and other hard surfaces. This will make sure that your garden space will stay free of pests and fungal infections. If you’ve found that it’s already too late for that however, then don’t hesitate to go online to a site like to get the pests gone as soon as possible. Leaving them over winter is the worst thing you can do, as the swarms might increase in size or become more settled in. 

Plant evergreens

If you want your garden to look green and beautiful during the whole year, you can plant evergreens. They will give colour to your outdoor space not only during autumn but throughout all seasons, including winter. However, keep in mind that those greens also require proper care and maintenance.

Remove autumn leaves

To keep your autumn garden squeaky clean, you should remove all the leaves from your lawn, walkable surfaces and garden beds. You can add the foliage to a compost pile or make leaf mould. It will not only add organic and structure to your soil, but it is also the best way to repurpose the fallen leaves in your garden.

Trim the lawn

One last trimming of the lawn before winter and snow are here? What a good idea! It is an essential part of autumn garden maintenance, so make sure you are not forgetting about it. Also, try to do the mowing sometime before the first frost. After you are finished – clear your trimming equipment and put it in a safe, warm place. 

Soil improvement

You can improve your soil during the autumn by adding some raw organic matter, compost, or nutrients. This will ensure that the soil will be good for next year, and you will have the chance to build a beautiful garden in spring, 

A list of some useful professional gardening services 

Of course, you can always take advantage of professional gardening services to make sure your autumn garden looks perfect and is ready for the upcoming cold and snowy season. Here is a list of landscaping and maintenance services that may be useful for you:

  • Lawn care and mowing
  • Weeding and pruning
  • Hedge trimming
  • Planting
  • Jet washing
  • Garden clearance
  • Turfing 
  • Artificial grass
  • Raised beds
  • Fencing.

No matter what type of assistance you need in your garden, Professional Gardening Services UK team is always ready to step up and take on the tasks for you. By entrusting our skilled professionals in London with your autumn garden maintenance, we will save you lots of time and effort. And ensure the job gets done right, on time, and with the proper equipment. 

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