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Review: Sealskinz Vitae waterproof hats

Written by Fiona

August 26 2023

I have been tesitng a couple of new women’s hats by Sealskinz. They are part of a new colleciton called Vitae.

What is Sealsinz Vitae collection?

Sealskinz was bought by Ted Baker founder, Ray Kelvin, in November last year. This has led to some new so called “adventure-ready” products, to complement the brand’s range of technical and waterproof accessories. See Vitae collection. The clothing looks casual and beach style in my opinion, rather thna full-on outdoorsy. The hats looked like the most useful products for my purposes so I called in a couple of sample items.

I lack a decent hat for wet and sunny weather. I usually wear a buff to keep my hair from flying around my face but a hat, espscially one with a peak, is useful for reducing rain on my face and specs. I have been testing the Scole and Lynford. There is also a hat called the Salle in the collection.

Sealskinz women’s Scole

Sealskinz has taken a classic five-panelled cap design and combined it with their three-layer Aquasealz™ construction used in all their most durable waterproof products. They added a waterproof zipped pocket and soft nylon fabric.

  • Colours: Mint / Blue / Cream, Pink, Mint
  • Price: £35

The cap is sold in one size for women (there is a men’s version) and I need it on the smallest adjustment setting to make it fit. Even then, I wore a buff underneath to give a secure fit. Once on, it stayed neatly in place and offers great coverage from the peak over the face.

The back adjuster is great with a wide elastic strap and robust plastic clip.

The peak is stiff and slightly curved and does a great job of keeping the rain off my face and specs.

It’s not the lightest of caps – the fabric is durable and there is a mesh liner – and so I will be reserving it for wet weather, rather than hot weather.

It has been great in wet weather. The fabric doesn’t wet out like other caps I’ve used.

I am not sure what I’d keep in the zipped pocket. It wouldn’t be anything essential because I’d be worried about the hat flying off in the wind. Maybe it would be good for an emergency gel or something?

The ice-cream pastel colours won’t be everyone’s choice but I quite like the muliti-coloured colourway that I’ve been testing.

Sealskinz women’s Lynford

The Lynford is a canvas bucket hat, fitted with Sealskinz’ three-layer Aquasealz™ construction. It also has a button closure pocket.

  • Colours: Pink & Green / Pink / Blue & Red
  • Price: £40

Again, the hat is very roomy. I don’t think I have a particularly small head but the hat does drown my head a bit. (There is a men’s version.) If I wear it with a buff it’s fine.

It’s a useful hat for sunny and wet weather, although it is made of fairly thick canvas and that makes it hot in very sunny conditions.

Again, I’ll be reserving this for wet weather when spending time in the hills or in a kayak, or for gardening.

The brim is adequate, although not ideal for keeping the rain off my specs. I prefer the cap version to be honest.

Buy from Sealskinz.

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