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Review: COMPRESSPORT Thunderstorm waterproof 25/75 jacket

Written by Fiona

October 11 2023

A new waterproof running jacket has been launched by the brand COMPRESSPORT. The Thunderstorm waterproof 25/75 jacket is designed to protect you in the wind and rain, yet also claims to offer excellent breathability. I have been testing the jacket.

Features include:

  • 25,000 Schmerber fabric
  • 75,000 MVTR breathability
  • Durable Water Repellency (DWR)
  • Waterproof seams
  • Sealed zip and protective garages at both ends
  • Ultra light
  • Bodyfit
  • Fitted hood
  • Reflective logos front and rear and bands around each wrists
  • Chest pocket
  • 126g (M)
  • Stuffs into a small space
  • 2 year replacement guarantee and 30 days’ money back guarantee
  • Unisex
  • Colour: Black
  • Sizes : XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Recommended sale price: £350
  • See Compressport.

Compressport reports: “In addition to its three-layer membrane, the DWR turns water droplets into beads that roll off the surface of the jacket. This means that when the rain stops you can simply shake off the water.”

First let’s talk about waterproofness and breathability

The fabric in this jacket is said to be 25,000 Schmerber and 75,000 MVTR breathability.

Waterproof ratings are determined by a fabric’s resistance to water pressure, which is expressed in terms of the height of a water column in mm. The higher the water pressure, the more waterproof the fabric. As in, 1 Schmerber = 1 mm water column.

So 75,000 Schreiber = 75,000mm water column. This is very waterproof.

75,000 MVTR breathability means is has a Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate of 75,000 g/m²/day. Again this is very high.

My thoughts: COMPRESSPORT Thunderstorm waterproof 25/75 jacket

This a unisex-fit jacket. This means it is better suited to the average male physique, compared to the female physique. I am slim and do not have wide hips or a large chest, so the XS is a fairly good fit. But it’s not a great female fit. The shape is better suited to men, in my opinion.

Still, the jacket is plenty long enough at the torso and arms and it fits well at the shoulders. Women with wider hips should go for the S or M. I also found the waist area is a bit large and sticks out with extra fabric.

The hood has no plastic cord adjustors and simply an elastic edge. It does fit well and stays up when running, even when windy.

The arm cuffs and hem are simply fabric without ant adjustors. This keeps down the weight of the jacket but means there is no room for adjustment to make larger or smaller. Thankfully, the whole jacket fits me neatly and I didn’t feel the need for adjustment.

The fabric is very lightweight. This means the jacket adds up to being extremely lightweight. The XS weighs only 123g.

When running in the jacket I was impressed by its breathability. My sweat was able to escape the jacket fabric so it did not end up as moisture inside the jacket.

I found the fabric comfortable enough to wear over a short-sleeved t-shirt and against bare skin.

However, the fabric is a little noisy. Some fabrics rustle and some don’t and the COMPRESSPORT Thunderstorm waterproof 25/75 jacket is on the middle range for this. I didn’t mind the sound of the fabric, but others might find it annoying.

I have run in the jacket in heavy rain and it did a very good job of keeping me dry. I was surprised by how good the waterproofing is of such a lightweight jacket. Thanks to the DWR, most of the rain droplets rolled off the jacket. Any leftover wet was easily replied by the fabric. Be aware that DWR does reduce with time and wear.

It is also a good windproof jacket.

When I returned from one of my rainy runs, I noticed the inside lower arms had a bit of water ingress. On closer inspection, I could see the area is a panel of lighter weight fabric. I am not sure why this has been designed in.

This panel is stretchier fabric so perhaps it’s to allow better freedom of movement. I can’t decide if it matters that this area ended up a bit damp with rain penetrating to my arms. I guess that if you are outdoors for a long time in rain, then you would want the entire jacket to keep you dry. It seems strange to have one area that is not so resistant to rain.

The seams are well sealed and the zip is very waterproof. There is a useful chest pocket although the same thinner arm panel fabric is used on the inside of this pocket. This means that if you sweat, the moisture will get into the pocket from the inside of the jacket.

The reflective details are nice additions.

This is not a cheap jacket. At £300 you expect a lot and while the design is minimalist, it’s the fabric that most impresses with its very high waterproof and breathability rating.

I would like to see Compressport making a female-fit range of jackets and more colours other than black. I am not a fan of black or dark jackets for hill walking or running because if you ed up in an emergency situation, it’s important that you can be easily spotted. Brighter colours are far better.

  • I was sent a jacket in exchange for an honest review.

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