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Taking testosterone in menopause – wow, the sleep!

Written by Fiona

October 02 2023

I have been taking testosterone as a treament more menopause symptoms for 2.5 weeks. I thought I would write an update on how it is going.

I apply a small blob of Testogel each morning, along with half the daily oestrogel (two pumps) that I use. (I apply the other half of the daily oestrogel in the evening.)

The Testogel is made for men, who would presumably take a full sachet at once. Instead, I’ve been instructed to apply an eighth of a sachet. It’s not easy to know if the daily blob is the right amount but I’d say each sachet is lasting around seven or eight days.

The gel rubs in quickly and easily and I have been moving the application point around my body.

So far, I’ve not really noticed any differences to how I feel. However, one thing that has happened – and suddenly – is I am sleeping much more deeply. I still awaken once or twice each night – this is one of the annoyances of menopause – but I find it much easier to get back to sleep and, when I am asleep, I sleep very deeply (or so it feels).

I am dreaming very vividly, too. The dreams feature people I know and things that have been on my mind. When I awaken, I can recall large parts of the dreams.

I also find it hard to wake up each morning. It’s as if I am struggling to resurface from a deep place, even though I feel like I’ve had a lot of sleep.

I asked on a menopause forum if other people had experienced the same and one woman told me this happened to her when she first started Testogel, but it faded after a few months. She also reported that it took about six months for her to feel the positive effects of boosted testosterone levels.

I have also read that improving the levels and balance of the hormones eostrogen, progesterone, and (if needed) testosterone, helps many women sleep better. This is because taking HRT helps with the hormonal causes of the insomnia and reduces the symptoms that might wake us up, for example, night sweats, stress and anxiety, or frequent urination. Women often notice they can fall asleep quicker and wake up during the night far fewer times (or even not at all).

I am now having a think about my anxiety levels and I am sure they have dropped. It was anxiety and the need to pee that often made me wake up. I have long been a light sleeper, too. So, just now, the Testogel is really helping with sleep and, I think, some of my anxiety issues.

I will report more in due course…

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