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Top 3 winter wineries to visit

Written by Fiona

November 02 2023

As winter blankets the landscape, wineries tend to be underrated destinations waiting to be discovered. Yet, there’s a special allure in embracing winery visits during the colder season, offering a unique and delightful experience. Exploring wineries, whether it is part of a driving, walking or cycling tour, in winter unveils a different side, where the air is crisp, the landscapes are transformed and the ambiance is tranquil, inviting you to savour exceptional wines in an atmosphere of cozy warmth. Here we will explore some exceptional wineries, where the winter months sprinkle an added touch of magic on to the wine-tasting adventure.

Domaine Huet, France

Located in the heart of France’s Loire Valley, Domaine Huet is a winery that exudes elegance in every sip. Established in 1928, the winery has a great and long history worth discovering.

Visiting this winery during winter provides an enchanting experience, as the landscape is blanketed in snow, creating a picturesque backdrop.

The estate is known for its production of outstanding wines, like Domaine Huet Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Sec 2021. The colder months accentuate the beauty of the vineyards, creating a serene environment for visitors.

Winter offers the unique opportunity to witness the winemaking process firsthand.

Domaine Huet often conducts special cellar tours during this time, allowing visitors to witness the winemaking magic from grape to bottle. Additionally, winter tends to be a quieter season for tourists, providing a more intimate tasting experience. 

Marani, Telavi Wine Cellar, Georgia

Each season in Georgia has its special allure. Renowned for its ancient winemaking tradition, the country boasts a couple of wineries that offer an exceptional experience in the winter months. Winter in Georgia brings a mystical essence to the winemaking landscape. 

Marani, at Telavi Wine Cellar, nestled in the picturesque Georgian countryside in the Kakheti wine region stands out as a must-visit winery during the winter months. Here, you will be able to taste some of the best wines made of Saperavi grapes which are known to produce some of the best, bold red wines that you can ever try.

Saperavi grapes are used to make wines outside Georgia too, such as Chateau Purcari in Moldova, and it’s Negru de Purcari 2020 which is 40% Saperavi.

The winter landscape in Georgia offers a different kind of beauty and snow-covered vineyards present an ethereal scene, making it an ideal time to explore the winemaking culture while enjoying the crisp, cold air and admiring the Alazani River Valley.

The country has a rich history and traditions, so if you happen to visit Georgia during Christmas or New Year celebrations, you will get the best experiences.

Winter celebrations are one of the most significant to the Georgian culture, and during your visit, one thing you will learn about Georgians is that they certainly know how to celebrate. 

The wineries often organise special winter-themed events, providing visitors with a chance to taste indigenous Georgian varietals, accompanied by local traditional dishes and music, creating a truly immersive experience.

Ca dei Frati, Italy

Nestled in the charming, culturally rich region of Lombardy, Ca dei Frati presents a delightful destination for winter wine enthusiasts. While many might associate Italy with summer vineyard visits, the winter months offer a unique and tranquil experience in the winemaking world.

Winter at Ca dei Frati is a serene period, perfect for experiencing the winery’s elegant and acclaimed wines, like Ca dei Frati Ronchedone 2020. The serene atmosphere of the estate, coupled with mist-covered vineyards, offers a poetic setting for wine tastings. Visitors can enjoy exclusive tastings of aged wines and explore the winery’s cellars, gaining insights into the winemaking history of the region. Italy is beautiful during the winter season, and it is a magical destination for the cold months. If you are planning your journey, you certainly don’t have to wait until summer and enjoy Italy, its delicious cuisine, and wines during the winter season. 

Winter winery visits present a different dimension to the traditional wine-tasting experience, and these wineries offer a unique charm during the colder months. From snow-covered landscapes to exclusive tastings these wineries showcase that winter is indeed an exceptional time to explore the world of wine. So, embrace the chilly season and savor the beauty and elegance these wineries offer in the quietude of winter.

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