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Christmas gifts for runners

Written by Fiona

December 12 2023

If you have a keen runner in your life and you are thinking of buying them a running gift, here are a few ideas to consider.

Running shoes

Whether it’s trail running or road running, there are plenty of different women’s trainers and men’s trainers to choose from. If you know their favourite brand, such as adidas running shoes, you could aim to buy a new pair from the same company.  

However, another good way to treat a loved one to new running shoes is to buy them a voucher for their chosen brand or a sports shop. That way they can try on the footwear to be sure they fit before they buy.

Running clothing

From socks and sports bras, to running tights, shorts, designed hoodies, tops, windproof jackets and waterproof running jackets, there are many different items to choose and buy. If you want to buy a gift, it’s a good idea to check what your runner already owns and then fill in a gap. Or, perhaps, you have noticed that an item of clothing is wearing out.

Then again, there are few runners who believe they need to own only one item of each type of clothing. Many runners will welcome extra shorts or tights and it’s rarely they case that a runner has too many pairs of socks!

Running packs

A running packs, whether it’s a vest pack or a rucksack is a very useful item. It also makes a good gift. You should think about the sort if running that your friend or partner does and then choose a pack to suit.

Runs that are an hour or so require a pack that is a smaller size and with different features to one that will offer good support for a long-distance run, or even a multi-day run-hike.

It’s important that a running pack has enough space for carrying water, food and spare clothing. It might be that you know the runner uses running poles and, therefore, the pack should include a feature that is able to carry poles.  

A vest pack is one that fits neatly on the shoulders and higher up the back. Many runners prefer a vest style pack, although if they are going to need to carry a larger quantity of kit, they may prefer a pack with a hip-belt as well.

If you know they already own one size of rucksack or vest pack why not treat them to a product that is smaller or larger?

Running poles

Some longer distance runners and runners who enjoy the hills and mountains will carry and use running poles. Look for lightweight poles that fold into three pieces so they are easy to carry when not in use.

Head torch

A head torch or lamp for seeing after dark or on darker mornings in winter is a great idea. Look for a head torch with a beam that has at least 450 lumens. The higher the beam the easier it is to see in the dark but a bigger lumen output will also drains the battery. It’s important to weigh up the options when buying a head torch for runners.

Micro spikes

In winter, when there is ice and snow on the ground, microspikes are an essential item of kit for keen runners. Adding the spikes to running shoes allows runners to stay upright because the mini spikes grip the slippery ground.

Pre and post-run kit

When runners are not running, they will most likely enjoying wearing comfortable clothing, such as a tracksuit. A tracksuit is also good for staying warm before a run, or warming up after a run.

A final tip

Running clothing comes in different sizes and usually in a male or female designs. Make sure you choose the right item for a flattering and comfortable fit and look.

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