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A guide to Gore-Tex products

Written by Fiona September 17 2013

As many leading outdoors clothing brands launch their new ranges using the latest Gore-Tex fabric invention, Gore-Tex Pro, this blog details the different types of materials that you might find in the wider Gore-Tex ranges.

GORE-TEX® products

128687sGarments engineered with GORE-TEX® fabric are “durably waterproof and windproof”. They offer good breathability, too, for good all-round protection when outdoors in wet and windy weather. This fabric is the best “multi-purpose” solution and used in clothing used for cycling, fishing, hunting, skiing and motorbiking, among other activities. The wider Gore-Tex products range includes Gore-Tex Paclite

The bottom line is that this fabric will be cheaper than more rugged and durable or breathable versions, yet still provides the waterproofing and breathability that you require for staying warm and dry in the great outdoors.

GORE-TEX® Active products

131042sGarments engineered with GORE-TEX® Active fabrics are built for “extreme breathability”, making them ideal for highly aerobic activities that are “done in a day”. Activities include running, cycling, mountain biking, ski mountaineering and climbing.

The bottom line is that this Gore-Tex fabric is lightweight and offers the best in breathability. It is necessarily not as robust or durable and most garments have minimalist features. The price reflects the technical engineering that goes into making a fabric waterproof yet also very breathable.

GORE-TEX® Pro products

application2The newest Gore-Tex fabric is designed for “maximised ruggedness” and is meant for extreme and extended use. So more extreme activities such as mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding, sailing, climbing and shooting are where you might wear this product. It claims to be more breathable than the former Gore-Tex Pro Shell, yet still as waterproof and windproof.

The bottom line is that this Gore-Tex fabric is durable, waterproof, windproof and breathable and because of this you will pay a higher price. It is built to last, however, and comes with the usual highly rated Gore-Tex guarantee.


sm141421If you’re not into hunting or “camera stalking” then it’s unlikely that you will have come across this fabric. Unlike mimicry camouflage, Gore Optifade prevents prey from recognising a person as a predator even if detected. The fabric magically makes you “nothing” in their eyes. The product is used by SwedTeam to create a two-layered GORE-TEX® jacket that is flexible and light, and also wind and waterproof.

Gore bike wear and running wear

131182sThese ranges make use of fabrics in the Gore-Tex portfolio. So you’ll find 100% waterproof and breathable jackets that utilise Gore-Tex Activewear, cycling over-shoes, waterproof active trousers and also other garments that are simply windproof and breathable.

Remember that many leading brands, such as Haglofs, Arc’teryx, Adidas, Berghaus, Bugatti, La Sportiva, Marmot, Patagonia etc take Gore-Tex fabrics and design them into their own products. Gore-Tex strictly oversee the designs and manufacture to ensure the garments maintain the high levels of waterproofing and breathability factors.

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