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Sunday Mail: New sea kayaks for beginners

Written by Fiona April 15 2014

Sea kayaking in Scotland is an attractive idea but not everyone feels confident enough to climb into a wibbly-wobbly kayak. Now a new style of kayak, a sit-on surf ski kayak is making the possibility of this coastal activity an easier option.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.47.36The surf skis have lots of advantages, such as being easier to get on and off; greater stability and ease of paddling through choppy waters. They also have a rudder so it’s possible to steer with your feet, rather than with a paddle.

Surf skis have actually been around for decades but it’s the new beginner style boats that are making kayaking more attractive to a greater range of people. Note, too, that the Great Glen Paddle was recently won by a paddler using a surf ski. So, these crafts are great for all kinds of paddler. You can try them in Scotland at the National Kayak School, Oban.

Read my article in the Sunday Mail. Click on the pictures to see the full pdfs.



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