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Berghaus Ulvetanna Hybrid jacket

Written by Fiona September 26 2014

Just like bikes, there is always an N+1 situation with insulated jackets. These days there are insulated jackets for all weathers and circumstances and I am an absolute sucker for a new style or type.

So, when is an insulated jacket so much more than just an insulated jacket? When it’s the new Berghaus Ulvetanna Hybrid jacket.

1407149481-43975000In recent years, in my opinion, Berghaus has come up with some winning designs – for both the male and female physiques – and most now come filled with ground-breaking Hydrodown. The Ulvetanna benefits from 850-fill goose Hydrodown.

Berghaus Hydrodown cleverly manages to get round the problems of wet down being useless. The down is treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) to create a material that resists rain longer, dries quicker and retains its insulation even when it’s damp.

In addition, the Ulvetanna has synthetic Hydroloft® Elite Pro insulation.

What Berghaus has done with both insulating products is clever. Designers have come up with a “body map” to ensure that there is more down (and therefore heat) where the body most needs it, and less where, frankly, you would end up being over sweaty.

In places where less warmth and more breathability is required, the jacket has the Hydroloft® Elite Pro insulation.

What also differentiates the Ulvetanna from other hybrid jackets is the non-migratory Hydroloft (that means it doesn’t move!). The Hydroloft also has another advantage, it does not have to be sandwiched between downproof fabrics, unlike some other synthetics.


What all this means is that it has allowed Berghaus to use face and lining fabrics (Pertex) with high Cubic feet per Minute(CFM) levels to achieve much greater air permeability, and therefore comfort, during extended use. Note, CFM refers to the windproofing (or not) levels of fabric.

Why Hydroloft is so good is that is has a very high warmth-to-weight ratio, and is claimed to be superior to other market leading synthetics. In these areas of the jacket there is “mechanical stretch” for added freedom of movement.

Hydrodown, which is an even better insulator but less breathable, is added to the jacket in areas most needed for sustained warmth.

See the body mapping pictures for a better idea of the insulating layout. I was a bit confused until I saw these.

Bodymapping - front

Bodymapping - back

Really, though, it’s the resulting jacket an dhow it works that matters. I think it works very well. This is a jacket with great versatility and would suit climbers, walkers, mountaineers or skiers, whether it is worn as an outer layer on drier days or as a mid-layer beneath a waterproof jacket.

The Ulvetanna Hybrid also boasts:

  • A fixed, helmet-compatible hood with stiffened peak.
  • Two zipped hand-warmer pockets.
  • Great colours, including bright blue, dark blue, green and red.
  • Stretch binding at the cuffs
  • Drawcord at the hem.

It weighs just 342g (female) and 409g (male) and squishes down into a small stuff sac.

The Berghaus Ulvetanna Hybrid jacket feels very easy to wear, if you know what I mean. It is super lightweight but also very warming. When wearing it you do not really notice the areas that are keeping you warm and those that are cooler but the overall effect is very comfortable.

Even in strong wind, I felt warm and cosy, but, oddly, not over cosy. This is how I like to be when outdoors. It’s horrible to be too cold or too warm.


Berghaus+Ulvetanna+Hybrid+Down+Jacket+Women's+blue+splash_01[1000x700]The jacket is also light and slim enough to easily fit beneath my normal waterproof jacket.

There are men and women’s version of the Berghaus Ulvetanna Hybrid jacket. I have found the UK10 women’s size to be fairly roomy with good width if you have wider hips. I would likely fit into the UK8 but I doubt the arms and torso would be quite long enough.

The UK10 has a good length of torso and arms. The hood is also a great addition. Many of my last season’s insulated jackets did not have a hood. When the wind whips up a hood is the best thing you can have on an insulated jacket so it’s great to see more insulated jackets with insulated hoods, too.

You might raise your eyebrows at the £250 cost but this is a highly technical jacket an done that is built to be versatile so you should get great use of it. I wear insulated jackets all the time, in winter and in summer, so I think they are generally great value for money

See Berghaus.

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