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Things to consider when choosing the best folding bike

Written by Fiona

December 14 2017

Folding bikes have become the go-to bikes for many commuters due to their ability to be folded for easier transportation. They are easy to store in the home, office and on public transport. But there are now many manufacturers of folding bikes, which come in different sizes, models and designs hence buyers need to identify the bikes that are right for them. These are things to consider when choosing the best folding bike.

The size of the wheel

Folding bikes come with small or large wheel sizes. Small wheels are highly recommended for easy transport purposes such as running errands around the city. Smaller wheels so not make it so easy for  long-distance travel, however. Large wheels, on the other hand, are highly recommended for long distance rides because they will be able to handle bumpy roads.

The mechanism used for folding

The vertical and horizontal fold mechanisms are the most commonly used for folding bikes although others require the two to achieve compatibility. Some require the bike to be disassembled into two parts, and others require minimal disassembly. The buyer should get the bike with the folding mechanism that does not require heavy usage.

Maintenance capabilities

Many people would want to buy sophisticated products for them to stand out from the crowd. However, it’s worth noting that a folding bike with sophisticated features will also require to be repaired at some point and both maintenance and spares can be more costly. A simple design can be better for your wallet and longevity of the bike.

Overall design 

The folding bike you get should have gear ratios that suit your needs. The road is not the same everywhere hence a small gear is recommended to cover all gradients. Suspensions also help in rough roads to stop you being jolted around as you ride. You can use Bikes Reviewed to determine the right design for you.


Every folding bike comes with a different price depending on its specifications. There will be a bike to suit all budgets and without plunging you into debt. You should also look at Cycle to Work Schemes and interest free credit for spreading the cost of a new bike. After all you will save money by using your bike more instead of the car.

Folding bikes are great products for commuters but it is important for you to do extensive research before buying a folding bike to ensure you get the best product and the best experience.


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