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MyOutdoors blogger of the year 2017

Written by Fiona

January 04 2018

I am truly honoured to win the MyOutdoors blog of the year for the second time. It was great to win this award last year but to do so again in 2017 is even more amazing. There are so many great outdoors blogs and I know that Dave at MyOutdoors keeps close tabs on them so you can only imagine how superb it feels to be top of the accolades.

This is what MyOutdoors published: “The blog is probably the most recognisable use of social media in the outdoors community, but unfortunately the term “blog” has become increasingly corrupted over recent years.

“A blog is a personal, independent, recording of experiences and thoughts, but more and more “corporate” or “sponsored” blogs have been appearing as the industry tries to find a marketing angle in the process. Quite simply a corporate blog, or one by a sponsored athlete or ambassador lacks the independence of a real blog.

“As such we’ve excluded corporate and sponsored blogs, although there are many good contributions from the likes of Berghaus/Leo Houlding and the OS’ #GetOutside Champions.

“The Winner of the Best Blog 2017 again goes to Fiona Russell for Fiona Outdoors, winner in 2016. As a professional journalist of many years, Fiona uses an extensive database of contacts to constantly bring new and informative content that’s well written and presented.

“The quality of her content has seen Fiona become a regular contributor to third party publishers but her own blog is still the benchmark for aspiring bloggers.”

Thanks so much to everyone who follows and reads my blog.You can see all the other very worthy winners of various awards given out by MyOutdoors.

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