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Have you tried?: A Runstreak

Written by Fiona

February 27 2018

A Runstreak does not require you to shed any clothing (unless you want to!), rather it is the pursuit of running every day without fail. I have written about a new Runstreak UK trend in my Sunday Mail column. See the pdf or the copy below.

Have you tried?: A Runstreak

What is it? Runstreak is a term used to describe people who run a minimum of one mile every day without fail.

The running can take place on roads, a track, in the hills or on a treadmill.

The so-called “streakers” are trusted to keep a tally of their daily runs – and many sign up to various Runstreak groups.

Tell me more: While the Holy Grail of distance running was once the marathon, these days it is ultra running.

For some, that means running long distances in one outing, while for others it’s day-after-day non-stop running.

This latter group are the streakers and the most famous is veteran British athlete Ron Hill.

Until January last year, Ron held the record for a Runstreak, totalling an incredible 52 years and 39 days.

Unfortunately, the 79-year-old British running legend was finally forced to stop due to ill health.

History of the Runstreak: It’s believed the first running streak list appeared in the US-based Runner’s Gazette in 1994, following an article about the sport in the Running Times the year before.

The list eventually formed the basis of a group called the United States Running Streak Association, formed in 2000.

Two years later, another group, the Streak Runners International, was created for streakers worldwide.

The strapline of the group is: “Through weather, injury, illness, and life events, we run every day.”

To join these groups, runners must have completed a streak of at least one year.

On Facebook, a Streak Running group has has almost 900 members.

And earlier this year, RunStreak UK was launched by two Scottish runners.

Stuart Macfarlane, of Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire and Paul Hamilton, from Edinburgh, believe there is demand for a group for British streakers.

Stuart said: “Knowing a lot of streakers in Scotland I decided there should be a dedicated group.

“Within 48 hours of creating a Facebook group there were 38 members. This shows there is a lot of interest in runstreaks.”

Membership of Runstreak UK requires 40 consecutive days of running.

Stuart said: “Some of these people are experienced runstreakers, while others are just starting out on their adventure.

“It’s a place for everyone to come together to encourage and motivate each other.”

Meet two streakers

Giacomo, who is seen here in the Devil o’ the Highlands ultra, has run every day since October 2012. Pic credit: Fiona Rennie

Giacomo Squintani started his streak on October 12, 2012.

He has run every day since and has a total tally of 18,521 miles, which equates to an average of 9.5 miles daily.

Giacomo, 42, who is part of the Runstreak UK group, decided to give the challenge a go after signing up for his first marathon race.

He said: “Working from home, unable to drive due to epilepsy and with a young family, running is my safeguard against never stepping out.

“The physical benefits of runstreaking for me are that it has taught my body to recover faster.

“I also find that when I come back from pre-breakfast run I feel energised rather than tired and all set for the day ahead.

“Moreover, knowing what I’m like, if I didn’t runstreak and the weather on one day wasn’t good I would probably put it off and then maybe even give up running entirely.

“I am in awe of people who can run frequently yet not daily. I doubt I could.”

Find out more about Giacomo, who lives in Somerset, and his running in his book Finding My Way, sold on Amazon.

Runstreakers will tell you that the benefits of running every day include both mental and physical health.

Because the distance can be as low as one mile, it is argued that the usual advice of recovery days is not necessary.

Moreover it is the habit formed by the daily routine that helps to keep people in good shape.

Christina Watson, also a member of Runstreak UK, has been running every day since January 1, 2017.

Her average daily run is 2.5 miles.

She said: “The runstreak really seems to suit me and I do not get injured, perhaps because my mileage isn’t high.

“It is a positive thing for me because I never have to think shall I run today as I just know I will.”

Cost: Runstreaking is free, except for the purchase of your running kit.

What kit do I need?: Comfortable running clothing to suit all seasons and a pair of trainers.

You will need to replace your trainers more often than other runners.

Find out more:

  • Runstreak UK and Streak Running on Facebook.

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