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Improving your health in 2021

Written by Fiona

April 15 2021

Is 2021 going to be the year in which you focus on improving your health and bettering yourself as an individual. If you are searching for some ways in which you can make yourself feel better inside and out, here are some of the things you should look into

Sleep patterns

A lot of how we feel can come down to the quality of sleep that we had the night before. If you think that you did not have a very restful night’s sleep, there is a strong chance that you will not be able to complete many of the tasks that you had lined up for the day effectively.

Therefore, it is incredibly important that you think about your current sleep schedule and some of the adjustments you could make to it.

First and foremost, are you getting enough sleep? While it is recommended that we get at least eight hours of sleep a night, everyone is different. You might need closer to nine, or you could operate just fine with seven. It is incredibly important that you find out what works for you, and you then need to make sure that you are going out your way to get that sleep.

A good way to keep a check on sleep patterns is via a smart watch. Many watches now track your sleep patters and heart rate etc.

On top of this, make sure that you have a good wind-down routine in the evening so you are relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep when it comes around. Tips include avoiding electronic devices an hour before bedtime, not drinking caffeine too late in the day, adding soothing smells such as lavender to your pillow, or listening to calming music. In addition, the Rolling Paper website has some advice on how to improve your sleeping patterns without completely resorting to medication too. 

Tackle your jaw pain

Have you noticed some pain or discomfort in your jaw or teeth? While you might not have needed orthodontal treatments when you were younger, you might find that you do need them now as an adult. Whether you want to opt for invisible braces or another solution, companies such as Straight My Teeth have offers that could help you.

Your teeth might have moved, or you could grind your teeth in the night due to stress or anxiety. Finding an orthodontal solution that could help you out is key, and it means that you will be able to relieve yourself of some of the discomfort that you might currently be experiencing.

Such treatments could have to be done privately, but they are more affordable than you might imagine. Looking into clear brace cost UK patients pay on average will give you a fair indication of what you might have to pay.

Reassess your diet

Do you often feel sluggish and bloated after eating? This might be because you are not getting the right diet at the moment. Even if you think you eat quite healthily, there is a strong chance that you could instead be missing out on key food groups.

Always start with your vitamin intake. How many fruits and vegetables do you realistically eat? You might think that you have a varied diet, but when you take a look at the green vegetables and fruits that you eat you might discover that it is anything but. If you know that you aren’t a fan of one area, try to lean more to another. Be careful of the high sugar content in fruit though.

You should also try to make sure that your diet is as clean as possible. While a treat every now and then is fine, you should think about what you are cooking with, and where the ingredients come from. Choosing to follow a vegan or paleo diet could also be good if you want to test yourself and explore new ways of eating – but make sure you research these diets fully before you do.

Think about eating less processed foods, which are usually full of hidden ingredients, and try to cook with fresh food at least five times each week.

Are you getting enough exercise?

A healthy body and mind comes from good levels of daily exercise. Try to find one activity that you can easily add into your daily routine. You could decide to cycle to work instead of driving, or you could take the time to go for a walk each evening to relax. 

This could even be the perfect opportunity for you to try something that you have always wanted to do! From hill-walking to swimming to joining your local amateur 5-a-side, there is always going to be an interesting activity for you to try. Just that little bit of extra effort each week could make the world of difference.

This is the year to take control of your health and get to grips with a better style of living. There are so many places to start when trying to work out where you could do this, so make sure that you are looking for solutions that actually work for you. With the right attitude and outlook, you could soon be living a much happier and healthier lifestyle than before. It will take a lot of work on your part, but it could also be one of the best journeys that you could ever take yourself on.

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