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What to wear and what NOT to wear on a hiking date

Written by Fiona

April 11 2021

Hiking dates can be some of the most memorable and fun dates ever. It is not only a great activity to get to know someone, but you can also see it as a trust-building exercise because there will be situations in a hike where you will have to trust the other person to help you out. 

And if you are reading this article right now, you probably want to dress the part, too (while looking your best). 

It doesn’t matter if you have been hiking before, or are completely new to the excursion; a hiking date is different from a regular hike with a bunch of friends and we will help pick out an outfit that will not only make sure you look great but also ensures you are comfortable throughout.

How to Dress for Hiking Date

People make several mistakes when it comes to picking out a hiking date outfit. And the biggest mistake you can make is to be uncomfortable for a long hike. 

Remember, this hike is meant to be an enjoyable one and it really won’t matter if you look cute if you are uncomfortable. 

Here are some tips to remember when dressing up for a hiking date:

  • Wear Layers. The weather and temperature will be fluctuating throughout the day, so you want to build up your outfit in layers, which will be easy to remove and put on depending on the temperature. You can start with a v-neck t-shirt as those are flattering for most body types. It is a good idea if the top is made with lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric, rather than cotton that can end up cold and chilly if you sweat. If the weather is chilly, add another layer, such as a breathable fleece. And make sue you have a waterproof jacket with you. A waterproof jacket will keep out the wind and rain (although, of course, you will be hoping your date is in beautiful weather rather than inclement conditions).
  • Don’t be under or over-dressed. Make sure to check the weather, and then dress accordingly. Ask your date what the trail will be like. For instance, if you are hiking uphill, you’ll be warm as you work harder physically on the ascent but it might then be chillier at higher altitude.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. This is non-negotiable. You cannot hike in your casual trainers or cute sandals even if they go best with your outfit. Wearing the wrong shoes will not only get extremely difficult to hike in, but they can also cause some serious injuries. Choose trail shoes, walking shoes or hiking boots, depending on the terrain and season.
  • Wear hike-friendly trousers. Choose comfortable hiking trousers or shorts or wear leggings. The aim is to avoid chafing and to stay cool and dry.
  • Wear a watch. According to Superwatches, hiking watches are great because they help walkers keep safe in the mountains.

Another big positive of a walking date for dog lovers is that they can come along with you. Going for a walk is a great dog friendly date idea that is bound to be memorable, especially if it’s a first date!

What not to wear on a hiking date

Here are some things you should stay away from when going on a hiking date:

  • Jeans. As good as your jeans may make you look, they are terrible for a hike. They will quickly get uncomfortable because they can cause chafing and they are made of cotton so if they get damp from sweat or rain, they will be really uncomfortable.
  • 100% cotton. This matters more if you are going on a summer hike, because 100% cotton won’t be sweat resistant. Cotton ends up cold, damp and smelly if it gets sweaty.

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