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Review: PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool for mobile phone

Written by Fiona

May 08 2021

I have been testing the PopSockets PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool on my iPhone Max. It is relevant to outdoorsy people because if, like me, you use your phone for taking photos and various apps while running or walking, you will know how important it is to have a firm grip on the device.

I have dropped my phone too many times to recall – and I often feel I need to have a better hold of the phone when taking photos. I use my phone to check and track my route in the hills and mountains and, again, I need to hold my phone, frequently when wearing gloves.

I don’t think I knew how much a gadget, such as the PopGrip, would help. This is my first such device and it has been a revelation.

Details of PopSockets PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool

PopGrip partnered with Studies and Observation Group (SOG), which makes tools and essential gear, to create the gadget that has a detachable multi-tool tucked inside.

The PopSockets PopGrip SOG Multi Tool allows you to hold your phone securely, text with one hand, expand and prop to watch videos, remove to swap or wirelessly charge.

It includes a multi-tool that has a bottle opener, mini pry bar and ¼” and 4mm hex bit drivers. The tool could be used “to open cardboard boxes, remove a bottle cap, turn a screw, pry a staple and more”.

RRP is £24.99from PopSockets.

Such a simple idea but so useful.

On test: PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool for mobile phone

This is a gadget I never knew I needed until I was sent one to test. It really is a great aid to holding my larger size iPhone securely and steadily.

There adjustable grip gadget sticks brilliantly to the back of my phone. The gadget folds out and flat with a quick push or pull.

I find it very useful when walking or running. I am forever fishing my phone out of my pocket to check the route, to answer a call, to launch my Audible app, or simply to check the time. I have frequently dropped my phone but now with the PopGrip I can hold it in my hand but with my fingers around the gadget. It is much, much better for gaining a good grip.

When taking photos, especially when it is windy, my hands are sweaty or when I am wearing gloves, the PopGrip gives me a much more secure and steady hold of the phone.

The gadget does add extra weight to the phone and in particular because of the metal multi-tool. I am not sure I will find the multi-tool part of the PopGrip to be very useful and you might want to buy a PopGrip without the extra tool, unless you think you will have a need for a bottle opener etc. (I receive a small commission for sales through Amazon..)

Yes, the multi-tool is a good idea and it might come in handy but if you prefer you can swap the style of grip if you want a different look.

The PopGrip does add an extra layer to the back of the phone and it has occasionally caught on the edge of my pocket but it isn’t that much hassle.

I have also used the PopGrip as a stand when watching a short film on my phone while at my desk. This is of less use to me than the ability to properly grip my phone when out and about in the hills and on the trails.

I had no idea I would like this gadget as much as I do.

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