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Review: Camelbak MultiBev bottle

Written by Fiona

July 13 2021

My guest kit reviewer Seth G has been testing the Camelbak MultiBev bottle. He writes: I don’t often get excited about water bottles, but I love the idea and implementation of this one. The Camelbak MultiBev bottle is a quality bottle that deals with a couple daily frustrations. It is the ideal solution for anyone who travels or commutes. It is well built, durable and effective at keeping things hot and cold. 

But it this bottle worth the cost? I think it is, at least for many people. Let’s get into the specifics and see if it is worth it for you.

Features of the Camelbak MultiBev bottle

  • Roll and fold lid – food-grade silicone, splash resistant
  • Pak™ Cap – stores Roll and Fold Lid, leak-proof
  • Vacuum insulated bottle and cup – 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Non-slip silicone base
  • Durable – powder-coat finish
  • Stays dry – sweat-proof insulation
  • Easy to carry – comfortable carry handle
  • Easy to clean – cap, lid, and vessels dishwasher safe
  • BPA, BPS and BPF-free
  • Universal cap – compatible with Chute® Mag, Eddy®+, Carry Cap and Hot Cap vessels
  • Retail price: £52. Buy from Amazon (The owner off this website receives a small commission for products sold.)

Review: What’s good about Camelbak MultiBev bottle

What separates the MultiBev from any other thermos or bottle? In short, it eliminates the need for multiple disposable cups and bottles throughout the day. That is the principle difference.

There are many companies that can make a good bottle or thermos, but Camelbak is attempting to do a bit more than just keep things cold or warm. They want to make a positive impact by eliminating waste.

If I have to carry around multiple bottles in order to avoid single use cups and bottles, I get frustrated. For me, this is a great solution.

CamelBak’s idea was to provide a solution for people who take water to the office, pick up a cup of coffee, go to the gym in the afternoon, and want to sit around with friends in the evening.

The MultiBev makes it convenient to keep everything together in one drinking vessel for you to stay hydrated in all of those scenarios. For traveling, this is ideal. Everything fits together smoothly, yet when you go to use them separately, you don’t feel like you are using half a product. Personally, I kept the mug on the table for weeks, using it for my hot tea, my daily intake of water, and afternoon iced tea. It is comfortable to drink from.

It is easy to carry with the carry handle, something I really appreciate when I am on the go. If I have to be getting in and out of public transportation, I like be able to clip it to something if I am afraid it might slip out of my backpack pocket. It has a silicone base so it doesn’t slide around, which is also nice. The lid switches out with some of their other bottles as well, so if you are going to the gym it is simple to add something with a straw, like an Eddy cap.

In regards to chemicals and cleaning, everything is dishwasher safe. It is BPA, BPS and BPF free. The MultiBev has a powder-coat finish. It seems to be similar to my YETI thermos in that regard, so I am expecting it to hold up about as well to the bangs and dings.

I tested hot water overnight in the thermos and it still was a good temperature for drinking coffee from it the next morning. According to Camelbak, the 650ml/22oz bottle can keep liquid hot for 14 hours and cold for 20 (the smaller version, 480ml/16oz cup – 3 hours hot, 6 hours cold). I didn’t have those exact results, but I was pleased with being able to leave it overnight and grab it the next morning.

Review: What’s not so good about Camelbak MultiBev bottle?

There are relatively few quibbles I could come up with for this bottle. Will the silicone lid break down after getting rolled up too many times? I don’t think so, but maybe. Will it get banged and bashed. Probably, but that is my lifestyle, not the company’s issue. 

The main concern for me is the cost. Why would someone spend so much money on a water bottle? 

I think the bottle is worth purchasing if you fit into one of these categories:

  • You travel frequently and want something that has multiple uses but a small footprint. For me, this is the top reason I would buy this bottle. This is ideal for my regular travels.
  • You commute and end up using multiple mugs or water bottles, but like to keep them with you and not floating around your car or desk.
  • You want to move more toward zero waste in a comfortable way.
  • You are looking for a quality water bottle and you want something that will last.

Conclusion: Camelbak MultiBev bottle

CamelBak has made it possible to have a 2-in-1 beverage vessel which can keep your water cold and your coffee hot. For travelling, I honestly can’t think of a better option than the MultiBev, and I wish I would have had it for the past 20 years.

  • Seth G received this vessel free of charge in exchange for an honest review. See his website.

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