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Staying fit, safe, and healthy over the age of 50

Written by Fiona

September 29 2022

While turning 50 can feel like a huge milestone in life, it’s more of an opportunity to stop and take stock of your life. And while reflecting on your life so far is important, it doesn’t mean you need to stay still.

Unfortunately, when it comes to mid-life, the perceptions of what people in their 50s are capable of can be far more damaging than simply blowing out 50 candles on a cake. In fact, there’s very little you can’t do in your 50s. All it takes is some motivation and some positive changes to show yourself that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Below are some simple but effective ways to stay healthy and fit during your 50s

Staying mentally agile

Do you forget names of people, places you have been to and what you walked into a room to fetch? Some of this is a normal process of growing older, but it is a good idea to give your brain a regular work out so you can retain as much of your mental agility and memory as possible.

Things like getting good quality and regular sleep, taking up gardening, doing mental challenges, such as Wordle and crosswords, and even having conversations with loved ones can all give our brains an extra boost of natural happiness and keep up mentally agile. 

In addition, through menopause, depleting oestrogen can affect cognitive processes for women, such as memory and concentration, so it could be worth having a chat with a GP about treatments, such as HRT.

Attending regular medical examinations

It’s a known fact that regular doctor appointments and consultations are a natural part of ageing. Therefore, you should make sure that you are registered with a doctor you really trust. It can be difficult to work your way through a wealth of options, but a good place to start could be online reviews. Practices that actively seek out doctor reviews by patients are often a good indicator that they are committed to providing a quality service for those who visit. In addition to these regular checkups, there are other ways in which you can measure your health. Many people look into life insurance policies around this stage of life, and there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead.

You can compare over 50 life insurance with Money Expert to look into some cost-effective but secure policies to help look after your loved ones if the unexpected should occur. And while you’re considering this, it’s always a good idea to take part in a medical examination for the policy. 

Embracing a healthier lifestyle 

These kinds of medical exams are useful in your 50s, as they can help you see on paper what your current lifestyle is and how you can begin to make any necessary changes. Not only will this help to save premium costs on a life insurance policy, but you’ll notice the health benefits in a matter of weeks!

Embracing a better lifestyle after a check-up can often set good changes in motion to make sure you get a perfect score at your next one. 

Find fun physical activities to try 

Whether it’s joining a dance class, signing up for a gym, running in the hills, hiking mountains, going mountain biking or taking up kayaking, physical exercise needs to be fun for you to stick with it.

Being physical and exercising more often will give your entire body a wonderful boost of energy. For men and women it’s important to stay on top of the natural decline of muscle mass. Make sure you include some kind of weight training in your weekly exercise programme.

Remember that many people continue to have active and healthy lifestyles throughout their fifties, sixties and seventies. And while 50 may sound like a worrying age to reach, it’s purely a number that can inspire you to live your life like never before!

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