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Review: Dynafit Speed MTN GTX shoe

Written by Fiona

April 09 2021

My guest reviewer Seth G has been testing the Dynafit Speed MTN GTX shoe. He writes: Dynafit makes a good shoe. If you are interested in a solid shoe, which has great traction, designed for rocky trails, with a snug fit, I would recommend the Speed MTN GTX.

I have been using the Dynafit Speed MTN GTX while hiking, running and backpacking in the mountains, and here is what I like about the shoe and who I would recommend it to.

Features include:

  • Best use: Athletic mountaineering
  • Excels in: Reactivity, cushioning and protection
  • Waterproof with GORE-TEX membrane
  • Tough, lightweight, comfortable 
  • POMOCA outsole
  • Quick lacing system with invisible lacing 
  • DYNAFIT Heel Preloader Technology
  • Weight: 390g
  • RRP: £160
  • Buy from Amazon. (I receive a small commission for sales through this link.)
Dynafit Speed MTN GTX shoe
Dynafit Speed MTN GTX shoe
Dynafit Speed MTN GTX shoe

What’s good about the Speed MTN GTX?

Protection. This is my preferred shoe for heading into difficult mountain terrain for a number of reasons. The toe cap extends further back on the shoe, protecting my feet while moving through boulders. Having the extra Ballistic Bumper on the front and the protective edges is essential when a normal shoe might get cut or give way on aggressive terrain.

This is helpful when jamming my toe in ridges or holds as I am trying to make a short ascent up a boulder field or other rocky area. There is also the GORE-TEX to keep the moisture out.

Comfort. The combination of the POMOCA outsole and the Ortholite insole makes it comfortable even while hiking with a heavy pack over rough trail or running for long distances. The lacing enables my foot to keep from sliding, even with the absence of the extra holes for the heel lock which you find on most other shoes. 

Traction. The POMOCA [] outsole is great for rocky terrain, or when you need extra traction on gravel or singletrack.

Ease. The shoe is just easy to put on and keep on. I like how my heel stays tighter, the lacing is so quick, and the extra fabric keeps my laces from dangling and rocks from sneaking in. As far as lacing goes, I really like Dynafit’s lacing system. I haven’t had a problem with it loosening, giving way, etc. in this pair or the Ultra Pro shoe I have worn for years.

Durability. I can say this about all Dynafit kit I have tested over the years. Their products are designed and produced to take the impact of extreme environments. I like that.

Dynafit Speed MTN GTX shoe
Dynafit Speed MTN GTX shoe

What’s not so good about the Speed MTN GTX?

If you are a fan of minimalist shoes, the Speed MTN GTX would be an adjustment for you. For example, I really like the wider toe and zero drop in the ALTRA line, and this shoe obviously was not geared for that. I don’t have a problem running in them both, but you should take this into account. 

I have had a tough time finding the perfect size for me in the Dynafit shoes. Try them out if you can.

As with all of their kit, Dynafit shoes come with a higher price point. The one thing I like about Dynafit, though, is that their products last. However, if you are pretty strict on your mileage, you may find it is tough to shell out the extra money for these shoes.

Conclusion: The Dynafit Speed MTN GTX is a great shoe for mountain use. They will protect your feet and keep you comfortable as you log plenty of miles in rugged terrain. If you are planning on time in the mountains, these would be worth the investment to keep your feet snug, dry, and protected.


Seth writes about his family adventures and the kit that keeps him alive over at

  • Seth G received these shoes free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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