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Testosterone for menopause update

Written by Fiona

December 22 2023

I have been taking testogel as part of my HRT treatment during menopause for just over three months. Find out more about testosterone treatment for women. I thought I would give you an update on my testogel experience.

While testosterone is prescribed to women in menopause for low libido, there is growing evidence that the hormone replacement therapy can be helpful for other issues, such as fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety, brain fog, muscle depletion and joint pain. Most of the evidence is still based on anecdotes but I hear that there is a push towards new medical studies.

My experience so far is that taking daily testogel, combined with oestrogen and progesterone, has provided several benefits. They include reduced anxiety, which has also helped with better sleep patterns, far more energy and better brain clarity.

I did not used to be a particularly anxious person but, over the last seven or eight years, I’ve suffered generally with feelings of greater anxiety and, at times, the anxiety and stress have been overwhelming.

Night-times can be a low-point for anxiety issues. I often wake around 4am or 5am and then I suffer with anxious whirring thoughts. It can take hours to get back to sleep.

After a couple of months of testogel, I found the whirring anxiety thoughts had diminished significantly. I still wake in the early hours, but I can get back to sleep (mostly). I feel generally calmer and less stressed.

I can’t tell you that this is all because of the testogel because I have also been following a course of therapy about a range of personal and family issues, especially since my mum died. However, the therapy is not focused on anxiety, so I am sure the testogel is at the root of my generally calmer state.

I also feel far less fatigued. Before testogel, I found myself very tired and weary in the afternoons and evenings. I am an active person and some people might tell me it’s tiredness due to aging but it felt like an overwhelming fatigue.

Within a month of starting testogel, I felt a new lease of energy and it has continued. I simply feel more alive and energetic. I have no doubt that improved sleep has helped with my energy, too, but I feel much more boosted and energetic than I have in many years.

My brain and memory are clearer and sharper as well. I feel much more alert and capable. This is a relief because for too long I felt like my brain had become sludgy.

On the libido front, I am not sure it is much improved. It might be a bit better and I am hopeful it will continue to improve. The medics say it can take more than six months of testogel to experience improvements in libido. However, because of reduced anxiety, better sleep and a sharper brain, I do feel a bit more self-confident and that should go hand-in-hand with a better libido.

I have seen or felt no side-effects. People worry about loss of hair, increased body hair, weight gain etc but I can’t report any of these.

I will continue to bring updates on testogel over the next year.

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